SCALE-Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

WEIGH ON – It will easily be sitting on two chairs, if you feel that admiration of the woman he was charmed at his nonchalant, slightly boyish way. Even better if there are more, because to him, his wife or girlfriend will not be so easy to trace. And since it is known as one of the great charmer opposite sex difficult to resist, man Libra will manage and diplomatically out of unpleasant situations, because its irresistible way he can extort forgiveness from the one in which he messed up. He impresses women who know what they want, although this is no guarantee that they will remain faithful. If he cheated party, forgiving, and even does not want to hear the truth, because it easier to submit a nice packaged lie.

WEIGHT SHE – She has a weakness for compliments, flattery, adoration that seen in men’s eyes, declarations of love and similar traits that an experienced seducer handled just like that, but it seems that the Vagica fall before him like grain. But once remarked that her suitor too close, not letting her “leeway” Libra woman will start getting out, having an average conqueror to act as if she is “hard market”, will only heat up even more. When neglected, and appears one such, more persistent than attractive seducer, women Vaga he will turn, and then look at how to wriggle (pretending as if nothing had happened), because it does not want to talk.