Scheduled FIRST “Randezvous” anyone? Astrology helps you pick the perfect outfit!

As if it is not already hard enough to figure out what to wear for everyday moments, nervousness before the first meeting with sympathy does not help in choosing clothes in which you need to leave an impeccable impression.

However, do not panic. You only need to consult a horoscope. Each zodiac sign has traits that a certain type of clothing or colors stand out so you become absolutely irresistible.

So read this, so immersed in the wardrobe to find the right combination.


Fiery temptress born under this sign look best in dresses. It does not matter that it will be long, but it is important to be red. If you complete a discreet bracelet, a black bag and sandals with high heels – you will not go wrong.


You are pretty, bright, built, your complexion is fantastic and all that you know and how to use it. You are aware that the jeans look flawless, especially when accompanied wear a white blouse with one shoulder. Complete styling jewelry turquoise shades, and are recommended dangle earrings. With all of this – bag and shoes to make them red.


Playful you are and why you are seated all colors. However, opt for bold yellow dress and colorful jacket. Footwear let it be pink, a neutral letter bag. You are funky and bold and your companion must be aware of that.


Sensitive soul must emphasize gentle combination. Lace motifs on clothes, satin, bledoružičasta fight … You look best in clothing that gives the impression of fragility and sensitivity. However, the red lipstick to make it clear that you are very passionate.


Lavice all equated with luxury. Makar training and a simple black dress and black shoes with high heels, you know how to complete this scarf and jewelry so that your companion dizzy from your appearance.


Members of this sign tend bohemian nights, art and creativity. With extravagant piece of jewelry that will attract attention, very good fit and tight jeans and a white shirt or tunic.


Elegance is your middle name. It is immaterial whether you will be in a black dress or suit, it is only important to hold Črnobela combinations. Good jewelry, watch and even better makeup that is there or not notice – and will look perfect.


Scorpio is known seducer and can be seen in various publications. However, for the first meeting to decide for trousers with an elegant shirt. With this bold red bag and high heels in the same color and you are ready to knock him off his feet.


You are athletes, adventure is in your blood, and he must know that it is very important to you comfort. As soon as you are invited to a meeting knows that you should not expect to wear a crinoline. Jeans and a light shirt underneath clear that looming bra some bold colors – this is the best combination for you.


You job is (almost) always come first. You are practical and everything just so you watch. Therefore, you will first go dejt trained in that kind of thing. Dress in the style business suit or a stylish woman with appropriate accessory draw the attention to how you are determined and strong.


Aquarians are unconventional and not slaves to trends. Your clothing is best described by the epithet “courageous”. One-colored trousers and a colorful tunic with bright makeup and minimal jewelry will make you brave your creativity manifest itself in the best possible way.


Very emotional and delicate members of this sign, it is best to feel the soft and wide clothes, soft colors, with subtle details. Fluffer wide sweaters and all the color of the sea and sky with a scarf and a big bag will emphasize your mentality.