SCORER Fixed-stars in the zodiac sign

In Sagittarius at 2 degrees, the nature Isidis Mars – Saturn, a very small star hazardous influence, which carries with it the danger of surprise attacks, malice and immorality. Acrab, close to 3 degrees, affects the poor financial situation and frequent are unusual losses of property and material, a success, and if you arrive, gets only after a very long and hard work. Vuk Karadzic here was Mercury. ANTARES at 9 degrees, and looks very similar and influence that has Mars, or the nature of Mars – Jupiter, and one of the most powerful star. This star moss brings sudden fame and success, but goes to the extreme, and not seldom brings great losses and vulnerability to no little trouble, danger and suffering. When this star is concerned, much more is needed to pay attention to other aspects of the personal horoscope. Dupor Mile, our most famous astrologer, here is a Mercury, and Njegoš. RAS ALGETHI is located at 17 degree and emphasizes clairvoyance, but also a great musical talent and inclination writing and practicing law. Mozart here had the moon. SABIK also at this stage, it seems like, but it is much more dangerous and frequently brings starvation, accidents and destruction. Rasalhague at 22 degrees, destructive acts and underlines the fanaticism that drives a man to fight and hurt because of complete banality and whatnot or because of unrealistic and senseless goal. Preference stakes are exaggerated, and only Jupiter and the good aspects of improving the situation here, and in the direction that it is very good person, often a major religious dignitaries. LESATH at 24 degrees, very bad act on the nervous system and are common disorders and diseases of this type, but also emphasizes good memory. Ante Markovic, there’s Jupiter. AGULEUS at 25 degrees, highlights problems with eyes and sight, ETANIN at 26 degrees, which represents an astronomical center of our galaxy, highlights the talent of writers. Often emphasizes leaders as it was Romanov Uranus and now Putin with Mars, but also emphasizes the confiscation acquired. ACUMEN at 28 degrees, problems with the eyes, but also a great political predispositions. Here is a rising Roosevelt, and Stipe Mesic Merkur. SINASTRA at 29 degrees, puts an emphasis on music, but also someone who will be a leader. Often highlights problems with teeth.