SCORER: In a healthy body – healthy mind! -Health status zodiac signs

Pisces is the last sign of fire, has more energy and temperament than the other two, Aries and Leo. It has a indestructible optimism and generosity, great energy and good nature. He likes sports and holds up to the cult of the body, the spirit of the Olympic saying “healthy body, healthy mind”. Nnjegov adventurous spirit and a tendency to hedonism can prevail, but will increasingly give preference to worldly pleasures above the active exercise. Similarly Taurus, with which the leading hedonist Aries horoscope, known lazy, exaggerating the feasting and resting.
Alcohol and fizzy drinks, sweets and fatty foods, it is regarded as the highest organs of government which Sagittarius – the liver and gall bladder. That sign is managed part of the body below the back; thighs, liver and bile. Bodily processes that are under their jurisdiction of the venous circulation and enzymes, digestion, the elimination of toxic substances. He is prone to congenital problems with hips, hip dislocation, rheumatism, sciatica, diseases of the liver, poisoning, inflammation of the veins and blood diseases.
For good health and keeping fit is necessary to refrain from harmful food, alcohol and cigarettes. Well it make asparagus, dandelion leaf, artichoke and arugula.
Exercise: Stretching (Stretching)
Shooters stretching is an excellent method for improving muscle. It must be carried out patiently and carefully, because the sport does not suffer a sudden and sharp movements. All movements must be graceful stretching and measured. As an introduction to the sport recommended a very useful exercise: lie down on her side supporting her elbow and lift the leg up, holding her hand completely flat. If you fail to catch the foot with the palm of his legs, try to start catching ankle. In this position remain completely immobile for 30 seconds, and then slowly change legs. Repeat the exercise at a certain time, several times a day.