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Related man in Sagittarius – life is fun with a man in the sign of Sagittarius. He was so open and honest, that woman has no reason to question and doubt. His partner will know exactly where they belong in his company. If you attract a woman, then she would say so. Many women are attracted to his boyish charm. It may not be serious in their relationships in a sentimental way, but he knows how to extract from them the very best. For him, the variety makes life interesting. His attitude can be free, to say the least, but he will not promise something you can not fulfill. No woman can say that it is wrong. When ready to settle down, his partner and to share his many interests. It should be his good friend.

Related wife in Sagittarius – a woman born in the sign of Sagittarius is looking for his ideal love. Perhaps it will never be found, but will enjoy the search. It will be bold and creative in romantic relationships. She loves the variety, or possessive lover to the chase. Sagittarius has a naive vulnerability that awakens protective instincts with the opposite sex. Tends to be attracted to the wrong guys and very easy to get emotional scars. Despite its feminine charm, this woman can be surprisingly stubborn, especially when it comes to her personal freedom. Her love is sincere and genuine.