Scorpio-Fixed stars in the zodiac sign

In Scorpio, are on the 2 level, star of nature Mercury – Jupiter, which brings also seen very strong scientific mind, as well as 9 degree of the star, which underlines the strong sexuality, while the 11 degree GEMMA and ALPHECA, the influence of Venus – Mercury, which emphasize the artistic gifts, but the bad planets in poor areas highlights the danger of poisoning, as well as the tendency to perversions. The degree is very connected to astrology and the occult. Kiffa Australis at 14 degrees, brings losses and it is very dangerous star that emphasizes crime and evil nature, and violent behavior. KIFFA BOREALIS, now at 19 degrees, something better influence and often brings good luck and fortune, but this star is dangerous, and if there is a bad planet or ascendant, brings a lot of trouble and bad characters prone to crime, magical performance, greed and egos clash. Dostoevsky at this stage had the sun. Grandson, the 21 degree nature Mars – Saturn, emphasizes injuries and cuts, the risk of poisoning, as well as the ability to mass starvation due to demonstrations, terrorism and the like. Emphasizes immorality and alcohol preference. The positive aspect gives good doctor. Astrologer Mile Dupor here was the sun. Alpha Centauri, at 23 degrees, stressed the good influence and the nature of Venus – Jupiter and this is the nearest star, which is only four light years, which gives us money, power and wealth. BINGULA at 29 degrees, with exactly the same operation, a Sai Baba here has the Sun conjunction ASC.