Scorpio Horoscope-marriage and marriage … Meet the features of your partner …. (ASTRO)

SCORPIO – wife
Scorpio, as the wife belongs to a very primitive type, because its deepest feminine instincts disturbed functions of its different nature. She understands marriage very seriously and have an old-fashioned attitude towards what is considered “family responsibilities and duties,” even when it is very in love with her husband. If you manage to push this conservatism, it will follow the voice of your heart without remorse.
Top wives are the ones that are loyal and courageous, who do not need a hot atmosphere in the house that their love could not flames. They enjoy the responsibility of a large family that they were “entrusted to the care of”. They are very capable people in different professions, but once you stay in the house, all his energy and talent will focus on your home and children. Outstanding in fact, much better than women or women Rakova bulls, which regulate their family life based on instinct.
Much to her home depends on her mood or strength of feeling. She is a strong and steadfast character that makes everything seem from the innermost depths of his being. Although it is very dedicated to her husband, she never idealizes what she loves. Her relationship to the world is very realistic, so that your čovaka see just as he is. Her sexual appetites are large and it requires strong satisfaction. In a sense. She is inclined to crisis situations, and although its strict moral views, always will first satisfy their sexual appetites, so they will be then judged. She needs a very involved man who will stand in her way, but to be able to uzadovolji.

SCORPIO – wife
With him is the most difficult to achieve marital harmony or successful life together. The only way in which it is still possible to carry out that his wife is always in the shade and it blindly follows in all its endeavors. He can not stand the dominant women in any way. He is a typical old-fashioned soul, in the house of the tyrant, as well as in other forms of social communication. His love reactions are so strong and extreme that it is sometimes prone to violence.
However, this character does have a few chances for happiness. First of all, it is often very successful at her job and is able to support himself, his work, and his wife and children, which is usually worshiped. He is very possessive and jealous man. In fact, no matter how much love and attention is given to him, he will always have reason to doubt i will constantly believe that women and children and business friends are working against him. Although usually all think he is, in a way, it will be his primus motor.
In the depth of his feelings for his wife and children are indeed noble, but he will never learn to express them in the right way. His selfish love zagorčavaće life to him and others.
Sexual voracity is also part of his nature. His desires are enormous, and the pleasure he wants too. It is the principle of morality, as well as with a woman of this sign.