Scorpio is the archetype of transformation through emotional surrender …..

Mythology: Orion was chasing seven sisters, the Pleiades. They turned to Zeus for help, and he sent them a scorpion sting is killed Orion. In the sky were placed first Pleiades, for two Orion and Scorpio.

Modality: Fixed

Element: Water

Planet Ruler: Mars / Pluto

Harmonious expression: passionate, regenerative, loyal, perceptive, private, esoteric

Inharmonious expression: possessive, extreme, complex, jealous, tends to control

Archetype: Scorpio is the archetype of transformation through emotional surrender. The planets in Scorpio are very sensual, enduring, intimate and mysterious. It is a symbol of death and birth.

Fields with the sign of Scorpio, and the position of Mars and Pluto are saying about places of regeneration, mysteries and deep emotion. It symbolizes the reproductive organs and energy centers of the body, the chakras. Magnifies the pain thinking that it is a way of life and the universe.

The shadow of Scorpio is bullying, aggression, anger, control, revenge, solitude, secrecy. Through the opposite sign of Taurus should be given to the present moment, to respect your body, not only the spirit, to learn how to please others, not just yourself, to reinforce the basic values ​​of life that respects the more matter and what he was given.