Scorpio Love Horoscope-after decades

The first decade (24.10. – 01.11.)
People born in this period by all means prove his love. They allow themselves to be blinded their passionate enthusiasm and then become victims of major disagreements. They never lightly love and do not realize when they are forced to renounce it, it seems to them as if the whole world izčezao.

Then they are disappointed, but do not allow anyone to insult them, because their concerns are only theirs. People who fit them were born in mid-July, October and February.

The second decade (02.11. – 11.11)
Love plays a big role in the life of persons born in this decade. When you prefer they do so honestly and without any tactical outwitting. Everything else is alien to them and therefore they are often jealous. They are very selfish, almost raw and are constantly looking for confirmation of love and trust.

When you donate their heart, then they are in love and faithful marriage, but because of its nature, remain distrustful and suspicious. They correspond to people born in Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer.

The third decade (11.12. – 22.11)
For people born in this decade is sometimes encountered oddity in sexual life. Often greedy and licentious engaging in many amorous adventures, but will not always be happy. They are jealous and can be very selfish and it is usually the cause of parting with a partner. Their temperament correspond to people born under the sign of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio.