Scorpio Man-Prophet!

Map name: Scorpio (Scorpio)
Map Description: The Prophet
Features: One of the signs that can deceive their outer appearance. Very often tends to be portrayed as an extremely calm and collected, but it’s actually quite the opposite, especially when it comes to things he likes. And all he feels, loves; Scorpio can not and does not want his emotions apart from their desire.

Passion identified with love. He is aware of who is elected for emotional partners, asking for loyalty and obedience above all, for only thus can control everything around him. Maybe apparently it seems that does not want control, but precisely the opposite. As far as he personally is not as disciplined.

Can weigh extremes, excessive enjoy the luxury or poverty. And that’s his decision. Even when holding certain socially unacceptable forms of behavior, he has a clear reason why it works. How is a fixed sign Scorpio, these men are persistent in their decisions, even if it went against himself.

He needs to win, whether it matches or emotional connection. He can be cruel and hard on family and friends, requires a fair game, although sometimes I will not play by the rules.

He likes to flirt and institutions, because in this way maintain the vitality of the Martian energy. Far from being his partner’s supposed to do. If the partner received the title of a spouse, will act accordingly, so dignified, logically and patiently, while the Scorpio in all possible ways checked border patience.