Scorpio-monthly horoscope for August 2020

JOB: Being in the spotlight is every bit Scorpio this month. You must turn all their engines and start your fatality to start the work that is before you. Although due to the solar eclipse in Leo, you have to be careful if you are starting a business or starting a new job and projects. By the end of the month you will experience the sunset and it solves the best job possible and even money is an important factor in your life. Help from associates in the sign of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The unemployed have a chance to go abroad.

LOVE: You can be too hard on partner who loves you so much. You will be stronger and more powerful magic to manipulate or eclipse as soon as the essence of your superiority goes out like a fairy tale when the clock strikes midnight. You can be left behind, abandoned or injured. You are such a big emotional and stay. This is especially pronounced during the second half of the month. Scorpions are married or have ties period that can be declared as research. Actually, meet new partners features that excite you and be in you a passion.

HEALTH: Good energy in the first half of the month, as it will make your vacation, while in the second half of August, you have to connect your account on the liver, pressure or specifically in matters of the heart.