Scorpio-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


New Moon in field work indicates a change, which can be planned and desired, but also unplanned and in bad weather. So be careful during the last week of the July, especially to 31 July, by which time Mercury resides in your career field. Take advantage of his stay to be well and thoroughly agree with his superiors what to do next. After this period, you should not take any changes, nor to create a larger business plans. It will be enough to finish on time, all obligations on a daily basis. Due to increased costs, dissatisfaction income is increased entry of Mars into the field of money which has already Saturn that long-term complicates things. Prisusvo other malefic aggravated the financial situation and issues related to revenues, so it is necessary to take care of every penny. This is especially true for members of the character you are a private business, or who are in a responsible position and manage cash flow.


During this period, the planet Venus, which manages your field of partnership, transiting from Lava in the sign of Virgo, which means that after the film love affairs can not expect the ordinary and quite “ordinary” matter. You need to come to terms with it. It is time to stop idealize love to get down on the ground and be realistic. However, it would not be a good idea to immediately start questioning their connections and relationships with the opposite sex, because in this period are not sufficiently objective is not your conclusions will not reflect the true state of affairs. No time for radical cuts, because all important decisions until later to gain a better insight into the quality of the relationship and the purpose of long or short duration. Free members sign could fall in love with a person from the environment they already know, and you have not notice it.


Blood count and condition of the body are directly connected, so if you feel fatigue or are constantly exhausted, be sure to inspect the state of health.