Scorpio-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: The entry of Mars in your constellation will provide a lot of power, ambition, the organization of this sign, which is very fond of big projects. This will also happen before the end of the month when Saturn enters Virgo and starts to form a good aspect to the sun Scorpio. In a meantime, you have to get over it ,, “Mercury retrograde that the real issue about money, deposits, withdrawals, new deal. Collaborate with cancer or shooters. Sagittarius can help pave the way abroad, while the cancer to be someone who opens your intuition even though you have to spare, someone who will give smoother and more balanced proposals and support the entire work.

LOVE: Free Scorpions aspects have to exit and entertainment. Venus in Sagittarius will launch a Mars in your constellation to give strong energy, libido, interest in the love life. If you are in an environment of Libra, Aries, Taurus, you will have more energy to invest in the courtship. These are all sensitive and very demanding person. It will not be easy, but you like a challenge. At the end of the month expect honest encounter with a lot of emotions with a Virgo or Pisces.

HEALTH: Enough time should start to see a doctor when there’s a problem. This month brings a problem with glands. Scorpio suffering from kidney disease, high blood pressure must regularly control their health. The situation will probably fix minor work, stress, physical exercise and diet.