Scorpio-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


Solar eclipse occurs in your field of love, and preceded him square your ruler Mars, Mercury, the planet that represents the field of passion, but also the friends box. What kind of story would be able to conclude on this account for those who are free? So let’s passions and desires that you for some time tearing the person with whom you have a friend with, or have met her through a friend, you will not be able to hold to hold in itself. Blockade in you must “break” and it will happen from 6 th March and the transition of Mars in Sagittarius. The eclipse will be only one additional item, which will push towards this person. Whether to establish a new connection or you will lose both love and friends, but now it just depends on personal preferences in the natal chart. Venus in the second decade enters your field of love, or will you be facing primarily toward the passions and desires, and it is difficult to get to the end of the month some serious connections can be formed. It is possible that some of the emotional former partners want a little “evokes” with you, but for now it can only remain on sexual reminder. And as for those in emotional relationships and marriages are concerned, you are not in heaven or on earth. It will take quite a lot of effort that your emotional relationships remain functional, as will both you and your partner have some personal interests and will rarely be a true communion between the two. Not a good time for any kind of cutting, because to be in the next month could repent of their rashness.


Moments of crisis in the business segment were most pronounced during the first decade, then you will probably have the most problems as regards the financial segment. Not in the sense that money will not be, but you will have a great deal of expenditure obligations that were once a purchase must be settled as soon as possible. The rest of the month is the embroidered variable energy and your efforts, but you can not deny that pushing the day ahead. Due to the move of Mars in Sagittarius (your field of work and money), many of Scorpio will turn to other areas and activated in cooperation with foreign companies and representative offices. Your energy is still the most during this month focused on the things of which he lives, and when thus invest themselves, the results can not be absent. I will finance throughout the period of time to be on the rise, the time of the failures, but in any case start making inconsistent with the amount of effort you put into the business.


Definitely you will exercise and stay out of the house, in the open air, to be one of the main factors that you feel good. Buy yourself a lot of stress, a lot of melancholy and pressure, and all this is necessary to launch as soon as possible in order not to affect your health. In the first decade of the month, you are advised special caution in traffic, stands the chance of injury.