Scorpio-monthly horoscope for May 2021st


If you have any emotional or marital partners, the best would be that during this month relax and indulge. The ruler of your sign goes retrograde walking, you are in a period of reduced energy, and you may have lost as much as one needs to be a partner at your service every time. Well, your loved one, and to feel that you are “addicted” and with all the forces will try to appease you and tuck into some great, emotional moments. Partner is trying to stabilize your relationship, and as long as you’re not greatly interfere with it, everything will go smoothly. Due to the retrograde Mercury do not remove some old stories to the surface, and not “ujedajte” loved one when you get into your widely known mrgodnost. For a change – you do not do anything and do not try to control the situation, as you know otherwise. In the last decade of May will and passion to move upward, and in fact – you do not have a little bad period in front of you! If you are alone, ruler of the field of love, Jupiter moves direct stroke in the first decade of May in your box of friends. One acquaintance who has thus raised even in the past, can now activate and intensify. And some new opportunities will open Scorpio and through social networks, through the dates, celebrations, entertainment. Expand your circle of friends, because you now in this segment and follows the launch of a love story.


Retrograde Saturn and Mars in the field of work and money, strangely enough will, during this month will be on your side, and most of the other dekadde end of May, when the ruler of this field Jupiter goes direct stroke. All what you have in the past launched, all the effort you put in (as she was ihaj-haj) will now begin to make business results, success, and what is most important to you at this time – money. In the serious business partnerships is a stellium of planets, but you’ll also during this period focused mostly on collaborative relationships. However, there may be some problems, mostly due to the retrograde planet of communication Mercury, so expect some tense moments in the agreements, as well as delays and problems with documentation. Some debts will come due, or will succeed without this larger struggle to cope. They also placed a great cooperation with foreigners, in this segment following the success and stability.


Ruler fields of health, but also the ruler of your sign, Mars goes retrograde, which certainly brings further reduced psycho-physical abilities. This is still the most can reflect the fatigue, exhaustion or decreased immunity. There is no other, but that much more time on yourself, and only yourself. Rest and recreation goods.