Scorpio-monthly horoscope for November 2020.

JOB: It seems that you have been cheated in the past. The first third of the month is important for all who want to launch and realize their business dreams of the past. Scorpio which have already launched major projects have to be satisfied with the state in which there are because it will finally make the big money that they give somewhere fate, destined. You need in your environment to have business partners who are in a position close to the government or from abroad because you here lies the money, big salaries. It would be good to work with Libra or Capricorn. When the planet’s sun enters the sign of Sagittarius in the second half of the month, your field or another field of money, you can become more confident in themselves and get rid of any potential fears.

LOVE: If you step into a new relationship, it’s not good to immediately get into an argument or intrigue. You must take care. You can be a bit reckless, but good friends can not help you if you are unstable. Your ideal connections can be water-mark, especially from Venus Scorpio make a good aspect to Neptune in the second half of the month where you actually meet your perfect love. If you are married, you need to take care of your personal feelings. Do not let others make the story of your marriage. You need more to control the world around them.

HEALTH: Perform all the checks that are important to you. Do not put off going to see a specialist because of fear or grumpiness.