Scorpio-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


So close and yet so far … ..Škorpijama the person who’s interested in hanging nose, but not to some other stuff I happen concretely. In the first decade of hard to be able to make a concrete step forward in terms of emotion, but from the beginning of the second decade of November things are already turning in your favor. With the person you’re interested in communication increases significantly and by the end of the month it may happen so that the long-awaited “bum”. If you do not have anyone who’s interested in now, you count on to you in the second part of the month will be under siege by a small opposite sex. Someone will know how to approach you and “you find the wire”, so it is no wonder that you want to this person as soon as possible, and make their own. The links in Scorpio that the free fall in November may have lasting value, but their current and severity depend primarily on you. Entering the transit of Mars in your box at home I need the family will bring you and your spouse finally resolve some situations and issues that dragged for a long time. Marsa make energy in a positive way, through the initiative, will and action, not through argument and debate, which will not bring anything concrete good for your marriage. If you are in a relationship longer, the second part of the month may bring some pull-pull situation. Remember why you’re together, wake up buried emotions, but I passion I do not let you react too violently with each other.


Venus in your field of work and money will keep you in the first decade of the month from some poorer move I make you pretty stable income. Just as it enters your field of communications, agreements, short trips, Mercury will enter the field of work, so be sure to expect that the entire November will be filled with opportunities for strong business activities and financial flows that will be enough to their obligations perform on time. O think with their moves, do not make hasty decisions and actions, especially during the first decade, because what you start in that period, either in a positive or negative way, will make its implementation and realization for the rest of the month. In particular, do not pull on some hasty moves, if you are self-employed. The whole period is filled with opportunities to work with foreigners, and some of you I will set out the way in other countries, such agreements, which work to. Relationships with colleagues and associates will generally be correct, especially if you’re from time to time knew how to count to ten in itself …


For most of the month will be a successful fight with any health problems. Your biggest problem may be related to the urogenital tract. The thing I want to draw attention is the aggravation and stress, which will certainly be inclined. More peace, rest, and I could help a little to meditate and to silence this storm I bure in it ….