Scorpio-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: It can be argued that some or many Scorpios year was very difficult, at least in terms of money and work. No way you could not organize around a major project that means a lot to you. Now is the time to untangle all that is the real problem. The special period is around the fifth of October, when Mars and Venus will be in a strong konjunciji in the sky and give you the strength that you better do what you are not. Your Pluto is at the end of September went directly and Jupiter enters your constellation and will be here a year, so you have a year of success and happiness.

LOVE: You need a passion and there you are somewhere you agree with yourself. Juputer who enters your constellation will certainly bring something nice and new love without thinking here. Scorpio married finally make sense. Maybe we should turn around abroad, to travel and to experience a deeper emotional impulses with a partner.

HEALTH: Scorpios have to take care of your body. Exercise, movement, discharge of harmful substances from the body. Eliminatory organs are susceptible. Visit ginekolaga, urologist.