Scorpio-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


The new moon in the field unconscious early October will primarily operate in Scorpio in the sense that they will be more willing to focus on their emotional relations to a much greater extent than in the previous period. Not only will you in a completely different way to look at the relationship with the loved being, but if the other side I want you to get closer I realize that this community, which is somewhat in recent months have been very shaky foundations. Inserting to each other you find the right words, to find a way to get closer, but it is undeniable that will help you in all of this and a huge amount of passion that will reawaken between you. In essence, the emotional ties and marriage this is a good period, because do not forget – when everything works as it should be in the bedroom, and when at the same time the two of you can openly talk about problems – it’s easy to get back to stability, restore confidence and love in a relationship! Lonely Scorpio, Venus in transit with their field of personality in this period feel great, but it is undeniable that you with its charm and magnetic attraction without any problem to win the hearts of those with whom you come in contact. Your ruler transiting through Capricorn and it is difficult to reconcile the passion that you feel the need to build yourself a strong connection with someone. Some of you will easily go into superficial relationships, while others will still be willing to wait for “the real thing”, for which there are great chances in the second half of October.


Your ruler Mars is in Capricorn, which is of great influence and power, and in your field of communication, the arrangement moves. The planet Venus is in your sign, and you all this together makes the right skills to achieve excellent contacts with potential partners and to open many doors for yourself. Will operate twice during this month – while on the one hand you develop and expand existing cooperation and strive to achieve new contacts, the other will have an exceptional commitment to the plans will work out and wait for the right moment when you can be activated and in the field. Your creativity and ideas will come to the fore joining the Sun and Mercury in your sign in the third decade of October. This is an excellent standard business month, which is not on this occasion will not change. From the third decade will activate cooperation with foreigners, and this period will be the most successful and financially!


While physical health segment set more than good, and that you should not have any problems and psyche will be charged a little, mostly during the second decade of October. During this period, you try to get more rest and relax.