SCORPIO PARENT-What you are as a parent and how to behave towards their children?

Scorpio are driven deep passions. They are afraid of themselves, have penetrating energy, will and perseverance. Always prone to some kind of struggle and criticism usually raise their children in the Spartan spirit. The penalties applied by sometimes resemble punishment in the army, but their kids often get such a ban. leaving the house during the weekend. This lack of tenderness and attention or children unquestionably need to appreciate their parents. We must not forget that the Scorpio possess a delicate and emotional line that, you gladly show. They feel a great responsibility towards children and the need to protect them. Scorpions belong to the people that seek justice, but they know to protect young children from the elderly. Despite the inherent possessiveness, is easily forgiven by the children, and even encourage them to become self-sufficient as soon as possible.