Scorpio / Scorpio characteristics of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Council which tends person born in this combination is … her world where she is an absolute monarch, away from interference of other people. Expressed introversy, Focus on your inner life and myself is the danger that lies at such a position, but at the same time introversion that does not prevent one person to deal with real life, with incredible energy, even when unconscious always remains exclusively in the own interest of which excluded even closer.

The typical Scorpio government eroticism, haunted by the thought of death and genetically marked origin. Its already strong love of life more profound existential anxiety increases. Living intensely active, feverishly – for it is a way to combat physical and spiritual weakness and psychological means of delaying the last time.

Double Scorpio enjoys only in complex situations, and in almost melodramatičnoj atmosphere, exaggerated everything. Developed sense of the absurd can sometimes discourage it, but often encouraged to tempt fate and makes her want to handle the greatest difficulties. He instinctively aggressive, but this aggression can hurt her as much as the others; Its sting is the effective and can easily destroy the enemy, but also can cause their own downfall.

Inexhaustibly productive, effective, productive and self-affirmation hungry, Scorpio – Scorpio is especially prone to playing with the authorities in order to proved superior to them. This is to express an individualist when it equally powerful and loves and hates, sometimes obsessive suspicion and ready to take a sharp, almost steely attitude. This passion will possess great power that hypnotizes and that enables him to grab the loot! …

– Not at all easy to meet you, because much of it lies hidden beneath your surface. Often acting as a very peaceful and simple people, but in fact you are a very complicated human being, far more sensitive than the show. You have a strong will, a bit reserved, others Ulivo respect and you tend to perceive things as a whole, to the bottom. You are the most intense and most mysterious of all other Scorpio. Inner life and metaphysical meaning for you is very important.

You choose all or nothing. Do not do anything halfway. You like intricate situations where you can demonstrate your insight. What attracts you is – power, search for it, whatever you do. You must, however, continually keep his sarcastic tongue, which may discourage other people from you. You ask a lot of questions, are looking to establish exchanges with other people, or the exchange of psychological type, but it does not always go out of hand because you are yourself filled with fears and inhibitions that sometimes you just paralyze.

Sexuality you almost excessively expressed. Attract members of the opposite sex without too much effort is expended. Take care of your masochistic behaviors in love and dares to self-destruct if you encounter unsolvable conflicts …