Scorpio / Taurus features of your sign-in combination with the Ascendant, Ascendant (ASTRO)

Here they encounter Earth and Water in two rigid expressed signs: large stubbornness, and therefore a great passion. Invaded his sexual aggression and consumed by a great desire for dissipation, sensitive to their instinctive pulsations and wanting to know the simple sensual fulfillment, relatively peaceful but rarely restrained, Scorpio – Taurus oscillates between joy and torment of life.

Incarcerated izmđju morals and their erotic dreams, in love with nature and tortured anxiety that we should live, to accept what her mandate feelings – she would at the same time to maximize your passing Earth to try carnal fruits of existence, the way to intensively live, which is reflected in constant activity, life full of obligations, as all necessary Scorpio – Taurus to empty excess of their energy and their feelings in the struggle to overcome difficulties related to the realization of ideas in which he believes, refusing all the time to recognize the imperfections of his body and his weakness as a human being.

Passionate, possessive and jealous it is always concerned about the defense of their material interests and has trouble adjusting to their destructive pulsations. This is explained by the fact that the more primitive, primordial character of Taurus, which is operated by natural affections, unites the complex and restless spirit of Scorpio.

These two characters are opposed to each other and yet have in common secret complicity. One part of being tilted toward the possession of things, and the other to the seizure, spending part of his time in the destruction of what is created. So, this is a complex and strong personality, endowed with unbreakable will, often incomprehensible to others, which is experiencing profound reality …

– Ascendant in Taurus emphasizes your sentimental life. Feelings are you passionate, intense and persistent. When you is almost always present the struggle between Eros and Thanatos, a pulse to live, which is powerful and that requires the pulse of death and destruction. Your instinct is often victorious over your mind. You own a lot of hidden power and energy. Understand that impose, have magnetism in it, you know how to seduce and leaves you manage to get from people what they want.

When you decide to do something, none of which you can not answer, and you know how to be very stubborn. When you move into action, you are able to roll over all in its path, removing those that you interfere. This principle of self-defense has a relatively limited territory and you are ready to do anything to ensure the safety of the area that belongs to you. Continuous want to confirm and prove, in love and in business. But sometimes it happens that your second part, which belongs to Venus prevails, then you feel a strong need to go in another direction, to be enticed, persuaded even the evil.

Be aware of the tendency to dominate and his possessiveness. All the more so still depend on others even if you do not want to notice. Your development largely depends on the person with whom to share life. They will help you to be constructive and to develop, but can also force you to destroy …