SCORPIO: The ability to regenerate health status zodiac signs

The watermark adorned with exceptional energy and a strong muscular body, even when it is very thin. Tough and resilient, and thanks to the rulers Mars and Pluto, quickly recovering after serious illnesses. Erotic and passionate, but in order to function properly, it is essential to have a satisfying sex life. He is prone to inflammation, which is characterized by high fever and severe pain, once healed, he feels stronger than before. Manages part of the body below the abdomen; genitals, rectum, urethra and bladder, spleen and colon.
Its ruler Mars, male principle and holder of procreation, but it is also one of the functions of fertility in men. In women, the menstrual cycle is managed and childbirth, miscarriage and abortion. Regulates sweating and discharge processes, and in case of illness tends to alternative forms of treatment.
His hereditary diseases of genital organs and veins, viral infections, infectious diseases, poisoning, fungal diseases, mental illness – Various psychosis, paranoia, schizophrenia. It helps him healthy sleep, acupuncture, and food from the one that brings him the energy – legume, seeds, hazelnuts, walnuts, chicory and thistle cleaning.
Exercise: Dance
An ideal activity for the Scorpions dance, since this discipline unites mind and body. Frequent practice of dance Scorpions will gain greater self-confidence and good shape. In addition to dance, it is recommended they be yet another exercise that relieves psychosomatic complaints: extend to the floor, turn off the lights and listen to classical music by choice. Then start to perform spontaneous, harmonious and very slow movements, as if you want to merge with the music that surrounds you.