Scorpio-What are the zodiac signs in love, and whether they like them ?! (ASTRO)

MAN: He’s strong, mysterious and seductive. He wants to control at all times, and one that fails to derail will have his love and heart. He needs adventure, especially sexual. has a fear of rejection and betrayal. The woman who was with him in connection must always telling him so that she loved him. Notes trinkets and price sincerity in women.

WOMAN: It’s a mystery even to himself and not for the environment. Sexuality is the most important she always plans the attention of men. She knows what she wants and how to get it. Do not be afraid of sincerity and is always open and concrete. He can read the intentions of others and to use it to their advantage. He wants relationship that will not last forever. The dominant and charming and therefore attracts attention of the opposite sex.