Scorpion-psychological profile of the characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

Scorpio is a sign that spoljašim appearance rarely reveals its tumultuous interior and hot temperament. Its members are mysterious and reserved, but his true colors show only those close to you. Characterized by truthfulness and great energy, but the biggest drawback is their tendency to destruction and self-destruction. They love humor, especially “black”, are provocative and witty, often cynical and sarcastic. Ruler Mars gave them the competitive spirit and stamina, and well tolerated by all manner of conditions and strokes of fate. Do not fear the unknown – which is something more mysterious, it is interesting to them.

However, do not like change. Their most tumultuous reactions occur when things go differently than they imagined. They lack flexibility, but rather to adapt to new conditions, persistently seeking the causes and usually blame the other person. According to environment-related rather suspiciously, and people judged by intuition and first impression. They believe in the power of dreams and the subconscious, like to explore unknown areas and try something that is forbidden. In friendship and love are generous, trustworthy and loyal. But they are very vindictive, without the desire and willingness for forgiveness to those who were defrauded. The youth are full of rebellion and resistance to authorities, often prone to decadence and vices. Do not agree to live by other people’s rules, rebelling against the conventions, and the petty bourgeois prejudices. They love money, but they did not stingy. All will be given to the one who loved and trusted.