SECRETS 12 signs of the zodiac-Every soul is on its own level of evolution!

Every soul is on its own level of evolution. In this game, the soul takes on different tasks and mission in life to be fulfilled. The physical act of birth of the soul come to this material world and each one is born in a particular zodiac sign. Every birth is due to the position of planets in the sky in the signs, houses and aspects unique and unrepeatable.

The first impression that the soul leaves the environment is expressed through a sign and ascendant, in which she was born. Of course, the positions of the planets in the birth chart REČICA us much more about the incarnation, or sign in which one is born somehow makes the strongest impression. He is in a way a personal touch, through which we show the world. So, let’s see what kind of secret hidden 12 signs of the zodiac.

Rams are by nature impatient so I can hurry up with the birth in this world. Rams do not tolerate anything that is vague or half. If you want something to do, it has to be done by the end of this one way or another. Most often they go head through the wall, so the question remains who will last longer; wall or head. This is a sign of the zodiac that drives other people to take action, because it represents the pulse of nature that longs for expression. This is the divine spark that is waiting for his chance and will do their best to use it in the best way. The Rams are trying to express themselves directly, through their words and deeds.

Bulls are passive, slower, and is powered by the desire for pleasure and hedonism. Bulls looking for financial security, stable basis and rarely will decide to risk. Why change something that is tested, safe and brings results? Bulls are expressed through material goods. This is a sign that directly represents all that is tangible physical senses, that particular matter. Bulls dominate the world of shape and form. In order to enjoy easily become possessive and quickly attached to the objects of their desire. We firmly stand with your feet on the ground, and are characterized by a practical view of the world. These are souls who are born to enjoy the beauty of this world.

The twins are the most common sign that represents the duality. Like it or not some people, but members of this sign have to go through life on two tracks. They have a very pronounced intellect that is scattered across multiple pages at the same time. If willpower fail to focus in only one or at most two directions, can achieve extraordinary things. Playful were curious as to seek discomfort, because only in it can feel tranquil. If you want to keep up with the born under the sign of Gemini, you must have a lot of patience and quick mindset. The twins are able to combine incompatible, because in this sign is the secret of the whole nature of duality.

Cancer is a sign that we would all say that it is a sensitive, sentimental, overprotective, but at the same time wants to be someone else takes care of him. This sign is not designed for close combat, because his strength is in another place. Here power lies in the soul. Born under the sign of Cancer examined the depth of his emotional nature and the limits of their individuality. Crabs are a sign of the zodiac that will first ask who I am. Members of this sign through life exploring the purpose of his existence. They have great creative potential and so many artists are born under this sign. Creating a family is also a creative vision through which we express Crabs.

Lions are a sign of the zodiac to say to yourself I am. And who does? E already depends on their individual parts. Ego is the Lions’ very strong and he can easily become a double-edged sword. Ego they can be strong enough to completely quell the inner voice of self. If that happens, these people are being affected by a storm own egocentrism that they are unable to control. On the other hand, if the fire element of this sign is properly directed, then a person through life leading light of your own being. In this case, only the sky becomes the borders of their own achievements. How will you recognize od such Lava? It’s simple, it will shine so hard you will not resist the charisma. Will remind you of the great and righteous kings in the world of fairy tales and mythology.

Device us often reminded of workaholics. They have always something to do to improve, because only in this way can have a peaceful sleep. Indeed, the device may be born leaders with respect to the knowledge that can be transferred to others, but inside they do not want. They prefer to stick to the side, because a feeling as students but as teachers. Pre will lead a craft workshop, but to be a leader at the helm of the company. Virgo is the greatest virtue of modesty and diligence. Members of this sign have a constant need to improve. Many of them feel some kind of burden on his shoulders with which they must deal. As intensely engage in the depth of his psyche, achieve greater balance in your being.

Scales are like twins faced with the great challenge of life on two tracks. However, unlike the Twins that can easily go from one extreme to another, Scales want to extremes lead to a state of balance. All depending on how much can be kept happy medium, so will the life that water will be more or less stressful. Members of this sign are facing a Hamlet-like dilemma of to be or not to be, which may relate to various spheres of life. Do not sacrifice herself for others or not, whether to openly say it bother me or to keep quiet, and the like. Because of the lessons which this character is represented by weighing the inevitable, while deep down they really want to find the ideal combination.

Scorpio hides the secret of life and death. This sign of the zodiac teaches us that life and death are not different things, just two sides of the same coin. Death is part of life as much as it is part of life and death. As in nature all the circles and only changes its form, so is the life of Scorpio full circulation or changes. Members of this sign are going through a major transformation in the course of his life, a part of their mission in life is exactly that; that is constantly changing. Because people tend to bind to their loved ones, for certain periods of your life or for some ordinary stuff like object, the changes brought about by this sign of the zodiac are usually not welcome and cause fear. Because of this fear may be even greater attachment, causing jealousy and possessiveness. If you accept the change as part of life, reveal the great secrets of life.

Sagittarius brings life wisdom and so contagious optimism that is hard to say no. And when things do not go well on the shooters retain the innate belief in a positive outcome, so often avoid the worst. Philosophy, adventure, seeing the higher purpose of his existence are common to the members of this sign. These are warriors that bring light into the lives of other people. From Sagittarius will hear that there is no explanation for what he wants to do. I just feel it’s the best. This is the very voice of intuition that members of this sign leads through life. Those born under this sign feel more than familiar with the way in which they should move.

Capricorn is cold and distant may seem hostile and uncooperative. But this is only appearance outside. Capricorn actually study and calculations, because he knows that each of us is responsible for their own happiness. Those who avoid responsibility in Capricorn will see nothing more than someone who wants to torment them against their will. But those born under the sign of Capricorn knows that responsibility is a condition for acquiring maturity. They simply will not want to have any contact with someone who behaves like a child. These are people who know what they want and hardly anyone can manipulate them. Can often act older than they are, because as you carry the soul experience of many lives that have been lived.

Aquarius is totally different from others. I now how to describe someone who is not only rebellious forced to defiance, and defiance rose revolution, but really out of this world? Or if it is out of this world, where is it? People tend to unconsciously live a fucking projections or govern the world at will. Aquarius will say that this is a joke and have no intention to bring down all the boundaries that have been raised, because they only separate people. People born under this sign will not recognize any difference, because for them, all people are equal. They are born humanists. I now how to put toward a down when everything what people are normally used to, but all in order to build a brave new world? Are Aquarians then our greatest friends that unfortunately we do not understand?

Fish is hard to understand because they are members of this mysterious sign. Fish are the secrets as it does not say everything they had in mind, but always keep a part of yourself. Maybe it’s because their world is even weirder than the world of Aquarius. If Aquarius demolish one world, Fish could build a new one, but then what would it look like? People born under the sign of Aries are mystics and wrapped in the veil of secrecy. As they have a free pass to the world of people who otherwise invisible. And then how to talk openly about the secrets that others must recognize yourself? And when he discovers the secret of Aries, will fall curtain or encounters another locked door?