Seeking men for marriage? Life with the Zodiac signs can easily be turned into hell!

Consider well do with some of these zodiac signs you want to build the future.

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are essentially good and a very pleasant person, but are actually good for all the rest, except for a peaceful married life.


Man Cancer is not a person with whom life is easy, despite the general impression that people born under this sign is very pleasant. This type can be divided into two groups: Men who love their house, but they are annoying, prissy and critics. The second includes a passive, lazy and disinterested men, who are usually women from benefits, inheritance or because of the situation. This guy is interesting and sympathetic, but only when I choose to.

Cancer Husband carried out in their home much longer than other men, had a deep traditional sense of home and family. Although loves his wife and children, he never fully satisfied, can always find something to criticize or to complain. These people are very sensual, require constant erotic stimulation, the faithful are but timid, so avoid risk whenever possible.


Marital harmony and successful life together is the most difficult to accomplish with Scorpio. It is however feasible only under the condition if his wife is always in the shade, and follow him in all his endeavors. He can not stand the dominant women in any way. He is a typical old-fashioned soul, in the house of the tyrant, as well as in other forms of social communication. His love reactions are so strong and extreme that it is sometimes prone to violence. This character is very successful in the business and is able to support himself, his work and his wife and children, which is usually worshiped.

He is very possessive and jealous man. In fact, no matter how much love and attention is given to him, he will always have reason to doubt i will constantly believe that women and children and business friends are working against him. His feelings for his wife and children are indeed noble, but he will never learn to express them in the right way. His selfish love zagorčavaće life to him and others. Sexual voracity is also part of his nature.


This type of man is needed wise and tactful woman. Sagittarius is not exactly born to the marriage. By the nature of the human, so that in some way participate in the work of various social organizations in solving practical problems of their community. Shooters are megalomaniacs that their own lives often seem small and uninteresting.

He is strong in marriage. His wife must be broad awareness, free of jealousy and a little impersonal, even if it is not her true nature. She will have to be a real artist to help in everything she could to follow him and meet his interests. With these men, it is not difficult to live, but because of their lack of feeling and a great impatience, the wife of this type will have to broaden their horizons, to be with him on the same wavelength. They are cheerful and interesting guys who love perceived as srećnju circumstance.