Self-sufficient: This zodiac sign is the most demanding in relationships and it is almost impossible to keep

Besides being known for being extremely social, positive and free in every sense, they are not the best in relationships. Not just “born” to double, that is, family life. Because they most need only one thing – their freedom …

It is the shooter.

Because of that freedom, you too will be taken into account in their plans and thoughts, but it will be a bit self-centered creature will first look to him to be the best and to meet their needs.

Your feelings are somewhat irrelevant, because he is very much in the first place, but for you – in no time.

Any personal foul will not see, and when he is brought before seen, scariest will blacken. When it comes to the opposite situation – is able to play it smart all day and night.

They are ready to commit, or all turn to their advantage. This type requires wise and tactical partners. Shooters were a bit prissy and are much more prone to perceiving worse side and mistakes of your partner.

If his tastes change, I do not see why they continued expressing sympathy for a person. Even if we do not particularly mind, life and love as just a part of sports games.

Of course, he / she is “strong” in marriage. His partner must be broad awareness, free from jealousy and somewhat pliable, even if it is not his true nature.

He will have to be a real artist to make in all could follow and satisfy the interests of a Sagittarius.

With these people, it is not difficult to live. But because of their lack of feeling, a great impatience for anything that is limited or strictly defined rules, the partners of this sign will have to broaden their horizons, to be with him on an equal footing.

Their passions were sports and adventure. They are cheerful and interesting companions who love seen as a happy circumstance. All their feelings and desires are focused on quick and immediate action.