Selfish, annoying or VERNE: Sign of the Zodiac reveals what you regarding

When it comes to love and the behavior in a relationship, about how perhaps better talk position of the moon and Venus, as well as their mutual aspects, not just the position of the solar sign at the moment of your birth.

But, if you generalize, here’s what your zodiac sign (position of the Sun) talk about what you partner.

Fire signs can sometimes be selfish and too focused on themselves, while the water signs hard to understand that others do not have the same depth of feeling. Therefore, water signs need more to work on verbal communication.

Representatives of the earth signs are stable and faithful persons to whom the partner can always rely on, while air signs sometimes neglected partner for companies and their emotional side in favor of the rational.


Rams are passionate and they were very important to the physical (sexual) aspect of the relationship. They are by nature drivers. Very easy to know how to launch partners for action, and to all to support them to fulfill their goals. The disadvantages are that they are sometimes arbitrary and what they like to do everything on your own. They have to learn what it means to compromise.


Women born under the sign of Taurus are loyal and they can always rely on. They are great planners. And they’ll get their partners on the ground, helping him around all the practical things. Their sensuality makes them great lovers, and often excellent cook. Their empire is a bedroom and kitchen. The disadvantages are that they are not very flexible and does not like it when already agreed plans change. They have to learn to rely more on feelings, to let them through life more conducive heart but the stomach (head and practical interests).


With women born in this air sign you’ll never be bored. They are always on the move. Playful brain cells, the innate ability to analyze things from different angles, they will be your partner very easily help to resolve various problems. If it finds in a lockable situation, Gemini wife to get him out and push forward. You must learn to be present in the present and enjoy every moment.


Women born under the sign of Cancer prefer to sacrifice. They’ll do anything for your chosen. She is your partner safe harbor and sanctuary. Niko cancer as a woman does not show her feelings so. Their partner knows exactly how much he’s loved, respected and cared for. They love to interact intuitively and at the level of feelings, which can sometimes cause problems. They should learn that other people are not equally intuitive and emotional.


Lavice women with a big heart, although they are sometimes selfish. They will shamelessly love your partner and generously showering him with gifts and attention. They know how to enjoy and your partner will help you enjoy more, and leaves the pleasures. The disadvantages are that they will sometimes ducked partners, because they are still career girl or prefer to spend their time shopping and beauty salons. May behave selfishly expecting to be treated like a queen, and not giving anything to uzvarat.


The woman Virgo will do anything to please her partner. It will be dedicated to take care of him and a partner will be next to Device feel really special. Like all representatives of the earth signs, they are a trustworthy person. The disadvantages are that they can be perfectionists and sometimes have totally unrealistic expectations, both from themselves and from others. Sometimes I have a problem with that to share their responsibilities, because they like to observe all things under his control.


Libra is the sign of partnership, balance and harmony. One weight of community collaboration and teamwork. They are masters of negotiation and compromise. Scales sometimes do not show their true feelings, hiding behind a mask of politeness, just to maintain peace and harmony, even if it was just a tease. This can lead to the fact that under the mask of perfect communion accumulate nezaodovljstvo. Therefore Scales must learn to be honest with yourself and others and to show feelings openly, and to give up passive aggressive behavior.


Scorpions are known to be fatally attractive representative of the zodiac. One is for the seductress, the great lover of style. Its romantic and sexual powers, they will completely mesmerize partners, to raise him on a pedestal and make her feel highly desirable. They tend to form deep emotive connection. And while the Scorpio is very clever in drawing emotional recognition of the other – a real detective, but when it comes their turn, they are closed book. This is a big challenge for the partners of this zodiac sign – to fathom and swam mysterious depths of Scorpio.


With shooters is always interesting and this sign will help your partner to expand horizons. Shooters are “walking encyclopedia”. They are very easy and simple to express their feelings and passions. They are known for their adventurous nature. Famous as a great charmers and deceivers. This does not necessarily mean that they are unfaithful, but their sometimes careless, nonchalant approach can make their partner feel insecure. They must learn that their partner may not be as independent and open, as they are. A partner must Sagittarius his wife born under this sign be given the necessary space and respect their freedom.


A woman born in Capricorn is trustworthy, loyal, and it is only interested in long-term relationships. Capricorns are working hard and working hard and have great plans and expectations for the future. They love to be the best in everything, and that includes the ability in bed. Because they are too devoted to his work, it can lead to the fact that their partner feels lonely.


This air representative of the zodiac is a person of great trust. They are very dedicated and will do everything to make their partner satisfied. Like the twins, and they are excellent in solving the problem. They have excellent social skills and high social intelligence. Sometimes it can act cold and indifferent look, but that’s only because too logical thinking, not paying attention to the emotions.


They are intuitive, they like clean, and frankly sublime. Are able to establish a connection through a spiritual union with your partner. Partner will help to awaken in themselves and discover the spiritual side, to feel the unity with the whole cosmos and to the universal faith left to progress. The disadvantages are that they sometimes do not pay attention to the little things, which nonšalanto change plans and agreement. They’re a bit autistic i like to live in his own world.