Seventh astrological field-partnership, marriage, publicity, litigation ….

Astrological field: Seventh (Ascendant – DSC / DESC)

Element and Meaning: Air – ideas, contacts, understanding, sociability, communication, intellect highlighted

Quality and importance: Angle – a direct manifestation of the energy of the planet

The modern meaning of the fields: partnership, marriage, publicity, litigation

The traditional meaning of fields: marriage, public enemies, trials, fights, women, girls, enemies in war, artist, doctor

Esoteric meaning of fields: reflection of internal contradictions, what is projected on the other, reflects the personal shadow soul

Numerological meaning of the fields: mysticism and the occult, individualism, introspection, highlighted intellect, problems with finances, cold and untouchable, they love discipline, teamwork, dreams, too critical of themselves, they often feel lonely in a large company

Natural Sign: Libra

Planet Ruler: Moon

Planet rejoices in this field: /