Sex fantasize about someone signs of the zodiac: THIS IS YOUR SIGN PALI

For the ultimate fun in bed.

Wife: This single lady and very direct approach to sex and eroticism. It is believed that the pleasure and enjoyment are essential for a good love relationship, because if the sex is good, where everything else. She was fiery, their sexual preference is expressed very clearly and participate in them very openly. Often, the initiator of sexual relations. Equally prices gentle pampering and very violent sexual intercourse. Her favorite position when she was on top.

Man: He tends to his sexual energy too rapidly benefit, not long to think what impression it leaves on you. Yet by astrologers considered one of the best lover among the zodiac signs. As well as excellent knowledge of anatomy, is easily observed erogenous zones of your partner. He is ready for anything, it is not foreign to anything that two people want to do. He was always open to in crucial moments to be determined. All poses are his favorites.

Wife: And I will make an impression mile and likeable person, quiet, maybe a bit sluggish, but very tame. Out of your mind you will not fall with it when you become intimate what you all expected this. Her sexual urges are very strong, but they include and romance, as in old Hollywood movies. Long views into the eyes accompanied by appropriate words will relax enough to allow you to meet her completely. As a lover is very passionate and willing to accept that initiative. He likes to frequent changes pose during intercourse.

Man: They give the impression of calm person secure in yourself, but it’s just a pose. In fact are very shy, but, fortunately for them, the environment is often interpreted as calm. Their shyness in the chart indicates the Month, which is also an indication of their potency. If well aspected, you’ll be a very lucky with such a person next to you. Otherwise, with your encouragement, everything will be perfect. Most suits me pose in which he bottom.

Woman: These are women who are not as interested in earthly passion as much attracted to talks on a variety of worlds that may exist around us. They are very intelligent and spirited. It’s hard to fall in love, attitude towards sex are changing with them only in the later years of life, but as they contain two principles, male and female, be prepared for rapid changes of mood and attitude. They are very gentle lover, erogenous zone they usually arms and shoulders. Sometimes it excites jewelry for men.

Man: Although physically acting tame and intellectually, if you have decided that you dragged in the privacy of his apartment, it will certainly do that. They do not recognize the rejection. If it is a double twin, it will be the best sexual experience in life. They are very imaginative, sensitive and they’re so keen to find out in detail what you love. You will inform them what feels good. They should not be missed.

Wife: The most sensitive zodiac sign, its sensibility is very clearly manifested both in love and sex. Sometime later become mature in relation to their generation, but once you experience the magic of sex, do not allow yourself big break. To truly enjoy the complete freedom of erotic experiences, they need a permanent partner who can provide them with full satisfaction. And then their instinct becomes one of the strongest. They love kisses all over my body. Even her body is an erogenous zone, a foot in the first place.

Man: Members of this sign are always ready for sex, rare are the moments when you do not think about it. They are also very cheery and for each person with whom the establishment of a physical relation as to love. The great romantics and dreamers often. You are great connoisseurs of the female body and a true artist in love. Erogenous zones have their ears.

Wife: She must all be at will, if you want to meet, first of all you have to have something. At the same time think of the material quality, not just the ones you give birth. He likes striking, particular, unusual types of men. On his part the man seen as his servant, expected him to fulfill her every wish. He loves, and it is often excites, stroking her hair, although there are exceptions, especially if you go to the hairdresser every day.

Man: You’ll be difficult to get the sex out of the comfort of a bedroom, if that happens, it means that over his sexuality have great power. Magnetic is appealing and is not immodest to say that almost no woman was able to resist him. Erogenous zones are widespread him, but he likes strange postures in which you can observe. He was most anxious that you enjoy as much as he did.

Wife: Starring modest person would not fit into your zodiac sign, which is one of najpromiskuitetnijih characters. She loves sex in the bathtub, a grove, a comfortable bed, every hiding place. It is only necessary that you should be the lucky guy who inspires. It has very high standards when it comes to partners. If you refuse because it is too tired for sex, believing that the ties coming to an end.

Man: Members of this sign often fall into the feminine part of the population, but they are very potent and have a very similar taste to female members of his character. Apart from the fact that he really is right maza, ready to meet no matter how much it felt good to him. Devoted lover in every way. When loves, it’s the most wonderful in the world.

Wife: Romantic, subtle and very prone samozaljubljivanju. Sometimes it looks like he likes to suffer. If you want to keep, be prepared for at least two daily sexual relationships, as well as the constant compliments regarding her appearance and irresistible skill in lovemaking. She finds it difficult to resist, because it really is one of the fiercest signs of the zodiac. He loves to perform a striptease for her floor exercise, and you’ll certainly enjoy that, especially since she loves challenging underwear.

Man: The most beautiful smile on it, and the other qualities are very much good. There is little inclined to become lazy with age as a lover. Fortunately, it’s easy to inspire, loves compliments and they are an aphrodisiac. You will need to often listen to him, because he alone has the answers to all the problems, but it’s worth attend, you might learn something. They are divided into several groups, those who patronize minded and not so good lovers, and the latter – a little selfish, but satisfying.

Wife: It does not tolerate the weak and indecisive. When this force should not be to show her, because at the same time he likes to keep the main thing. Erogenous zones are her palms. Half an hour hand and caresses the world of erotic pleasures is yours, and it is one of the best lover in astrology, open to all proposals and options that are affordable. To stay only your sex must always be perfectly working.

Man: It symbolizes sexuality, eroticism and all manifestations of physical love. Even his ancient astrology gave the place of honor best lover. There are few men of this character that all your emotions tribute to a woman. In their life, there are always at least two at a time. With this you have to calm down if you fell in love with him too, which is not difficult in view of his piercing look and sex appeal which simply radiates. When they find a partner they overall style, are very faithful and loyal.

Woman: These women have a brilliant imagination, it’s easy to notice at first glance. They’re so important to them regarding not limited to personal autonomy. All the rest is well tolerated. They do not like to talk a lot about sex, but prefer to explore, ready at every position of the “Kama Sutra”, only if the assessment that is a partner in good physical condition. They have a very open approach to sex and sexuality. Erogenous zones are scattered them all over the body. They love the tenderness and romance, though it is often hidden.

Man: They are characterized by a child’s curiosity. If you have less than 30 years, do not count on his loyalty. The worst is that he considered an experiment, not fraud, so that on no use to him not to talk. Believe me, he will continue unchanged loves. Lots of promise, but rarely fulfilled everything they say, so they are nicer for the short term and flirting. Their potency is less than what they think.

Wife: He loves gentleness and male attention, there are those more important than diamonds. It works very coolly, even when it is not. She’s willing to wait for their few moments. It has a very nice pace, and it’s very noticeable. Throughout his life retains some beautiful teenage habits. Always knows what she wants and how to achieve that. Although often small and looks very fragile, strong and ready to do anything to achieve his goal. She likes sex, knights and wine were invented for them.

Man: Do not expect it to make you showered with gifts and flowers, it is far too rational, but if you want someone who will be next to you when the worst, he is the right man for you. His sexuality depends largely on other factors which dominated the time of birth. For quality sex they need a steady partner beside him feel relaxed.

Wife: She does not bother you different from the other, on the contrary, it often intensifies. The sex is very free, you might say perverse, is ready to try everything that was once heard, and that leads to superior sexual satisfaction. It can change a lot of lovers until they finally find one that suits her completely. And it has to be mutual, as well as a large amount of love they will exchange.

Man: They have great intellectual arrogance and rejects many of their otherwise very attractive exterior. The eccentric and emotional level, they all have different and very specific taste in choosing partners. Sometimes even they are not sure what they were attracted to a girl. Perfect lovers and really enjoy the sexual games. Even when you are alone, do not give up sexual relations.

Wife: Congenital their rose-colored glasses when it comes to love and relationships. Therefore, go through hell and a lot emotionally painful situation. Rado is more difficult to fleeting sexual adventures and to help them get over the previously painful experience. One actually looking for a man who will love you for the rest of his life and which will fulfill all your sexual fantasies. Acquire great wisdom in relationships throughout life.

Man: They are very responsible. No scams they are not parties, but because they will never neglect family. They belong to a very gentle and desirable lovers. They say that a woman who was not in connection with a man of this sign does not know what real sex, although they themselves most enjoy sex when someone honestly prefer. They can be very fickle and elusive when you least expect it.