She is in Scorpio-Sagittarius general characteristics (ASTRO)

In them there is something fatal. The most striking eyes and look under the usually long eyelashes and eyebrows accented. Often they have drawn the eyes, expressive face, gypsy look is their true appearance. Those that are naturally blondes have something cold Nordic in itself, or the type of woman a little girl, but it is very rare. They have accentuated curves and a will to do gymnastics to install than silicones. Behind their appearance dressed no matter what, no matter how much makeup. Dark colors, red, dark red, a combination of black and dark blue, black and red, lace details are their trademark.


With them know where you are, or think you know. When the sweetest and loveliest, not reveals his thoughts, but the tantrums if they throw things, and often they do it, although held to self-control, you are not sure you are shown everything feel. Power, especially over himself, and then to others, their motto. They are bigger and better commanders of the Rams and Lions, for their better understanding the human psyche, their motivation is not highlighting themselves but control of the situation for the common good, regardless of whether it’s business or family. They have a dignified attitude and are ready to sacrifice themselves for others if you are highly motivated.

Career, money

Many will think that this is their most important and that are exclusively oriented because of the good social status. This is a misconception. Scorpio wife should be a good financial situation, otherwise it is unfortunate. She truly thinks he deserves all the best, but not insatiable, not a bunch of stuff, not buying chaotic, but it seems to taste and measure. His career is building a very meticulously and will not work if it’s not a job that gives her the most pleasure than to do something which is below its level.


They know exactly what they want and usually get it. These are women who are remembered, that leave a deep mark in everyone’s life. And if you are gentle blondes or brunettes passionate, they are still dominant – ZALUD partners so that it can not do without them. If someone thinks that they catch, followed by revenge, because the woman does not forgive Scorpio. May suffer, but it will never show long remembered former love but struggling to clear away the past. Partner Scorpio woman is always weaker than her, and when a better financial situation and better known. She has a way to put that note. Do not be without it.

The family

Excellent as a housewife, and as a wife and as a mother. Diligently until children are not carried out on time. According to his wife a correct and if it ceases to love him. A great housekeeper, but that is not her priority.


Frequent injuries, bone pain, throat, respiratory disorders.