She is the goddess: She is the most fatal star sign

Irresistible smile.


Venus, goddess of love, the most revealing approach to relationships, romantic moments and love. Its position in the sign, its houses and spectra, ie, show how and in what way we express love. Libra is the sign ruled by Venus, so that a woman weighing in constant search for harmonious relationships. In love, Libra seeks equilibrium, perfect balance of mind and body, a partner who will overwhelm the paper hearts and fresh flowers.

She enjoys when she is loved and will be fully dedicated to his chosen. Although scales act calm and collected, they can be very busy and romantic when they are relaxed. A woman weighing not playing the game she loves. They are very careful and sometimes painfully honest. Therefore, there are no games, because it would not be fair!

Solomom that the king was the queen, would certainly be a balance. A woman weighing embodies fairness, justice and balance. They are very social and have a talent for communication. The charismatic, captivating and very easy to win people around him. The woman embodies the balance is a fantastic mix of rational logic and fleeting emotions. It is always open to common sense, logic and well-intentioned advice of his mistakes, but only if you know how logical that it’s a command.

Wife scale with its all-seeing and all-inclusive view of the world around it, makes a strong connection with your partner, because the arguments always see the other side. Its cold rationality and logic are perfectly willing to look at a problem from all angles and always put in the position of others. Therefore, others may seem that they are reluctant, however, they only perceive all the angles and can be placed in everyone’s position. Little else zodiacal sign, this great feature can be attributed. They need a partner who will give them advice and support, and thus seek a harmonious and strong relationship. Most agree with twins and Gemini.


Libra man is someone who has found the secret of perfect harmony. It is very easy to fall in love. Also, he loves the game and if you say that you will call, then you can be sure that your phone may ring.

Typical guy wants to scale to meet and satisfy him. Sex fills a double pleasure – and to give and to receive. Eager is seduction, foreplay, and you can hear it from him and sometimes dirty talk. Charming in the bedroom, as well as outside it. Simply put, you can not resist. Sensual and sentimental lover. Expect to find yourself a bed strewn with petals of red roses, a bottle of the finest champagne, two glasses perfect by the bed and lit scented candles around the room.

Man scales feels like a complete personality only when it is in a relationship and will do their best to take. He appreciates and cherishes stability and balance with your partner. A fair and honest man scales will always try to make him not to hurt the person next to you. In every possible way will avoid conflicts and enforce calm in your life.

Are objective, fair and always able to see both sides of the argument, just like the woman scales. Sometimes struggles with indecision and his fear of making the wrong choice can prevent him from making the same. Handsome and charming, Pobrać many sighs and glances, wherever they find themselves.

The goal of a romantic man scales is to satisfy your partner in every respect. He will put their partner’s satisfaction before, making it an ideal lover. One who recognizes that his virtue, you will definitely be rewarded and it repeatedly.

Most agree with twins, Gemini, Sagittarius and lava.


Scales are very romantic and enjoy intimate moments. Those who fall in love with the scale, be sure to look for the ideal partner. One dream to have a strong, ambitious, exceptional and successful partners. Another tip scales can not tolerate aggression or tension. Prior to sit and be silent than to argue. Do not pull in any discussion during the first meeting.

How to seduce men VAGU

If you want to seduce a man scale, you have to be willing to settle for his romantic appetites, whether it’s a dinner or event. If you are on the sidelines, do not even try. The truth is: the price scales everything is beautiful. Few men are balances to be with someone who’s not physically attracted to.

Another tip: if you want to seduce a man the scales must show affection and respect for the people who are important to him. Your odds are much better when his friends and family on your side.

Let the conversation flow gently, gently, with compliments. Spend hours chatting with him, because he wants to talk to you about everything. Also, admit when you are wrong, so he knows with certainty that you are fair and do not play games. Expect a relationship, not just sex. Man wants to balance love and marriage, so if you tell him you want the same thing will soon be his arms around your waist and will not let you! It really is romantic!

How to seduce WOMAN VAGU

A woman weighing enjoys being in the spotlight and expected to be treated like the most important person in the world. If you want to seduce a woman like this, you must first be a good listener, and then in great conversation. A woman weighing loves to talk about the new developments, but mostly about themselves and their interests. If you encourage her in this regard, you will be irresistible to her.

Sex im usually in second place, but that does not mean they are not passionate. During his youth, is a pretty wild and go from one scandal to another, but as they get older the more they want to settle. The woman is weighing a bit lazy when it comes to love, so that you need to encourage and try to hold their attention. If that fails, will raise you up on a pedestal and worship. You’ll be precious to her, almost as much as she is valuable in itself!

If you want to have sex with her, you have to try to fill her deepest desires.

Treat with respect to her body, and she never get bored to listen how wonderful! As the scale is prone to mood swings, so do not expect that you will always be the same sex. On the contrary, it may be interested in every single day, day after day …. and then lose interest for a month! Do not take it personally. This is simply a feature of a woman weighing. If you have patience and want to “return” from this deceptive mood, be sure to tune in to her maximum! You wonder if you ever need to stop her pleasers! No never! She is the queen, and do not you ever forget it!

Also, do not forget that you will be richly rewarded for such a treatment a lot more than the other characters willing to do! Boredom is one of the ways to lose it.


Be fair and open-minded. Scales extremely price balance, justice and equality. It is no coincidence that their zodiac sign Libra administration aka Kantar.

Never isolate the scales from the company. It is one of najdruštvenijih zodiac signs, although prefer smaller, more intimate groups. People of this sign are very proud of their smooth and good manners and enjoy with a small and select group of friends.

Scales do not give your heart easily, but once you give it to the rest of his life. If you like the scales and she reciprocates love you, you are a very lucky man. They are very sensitive and careful not to hurt her.

When weighing all the charm. They are making every effort to accommodate you and make a romantic atmosphere and you have to appreciate.

Usually the vagina first love from high school, her true love. However, it happens that we do not be aware of because they separated, and later do not give anyone a second chance. The balance is never returned to the past and there is no second chance! If you make one and do not wait a second! You only have one chance!