She Libra-Vaga general characteristics (ASTRO)

It belongs to the most beautiful women in the zodiac, but often has a certain coolness and restraint. She always dressed up, he is subject to the wardrobe, like nice handbags, fashionable hairstyles. Most often it is hared or be painted in brighter tones, as a ravishing brunette works. Although her best are soft pastel tones, likes to wear white and black, hats, sunglasses.


He’s trying to be a diplomat and courtesy achieve the goal. He does not let anyone offended, nor deviate from their targets. He knows exactly what she wants and goes straight toward that goal. Contrasts with the one it seems, in fact, is much more sensitive than it wants to be noticed. She is ready to sacrifice himself for the loved ones and friends as a very loyal friend, but does not go into too emotional relationship.

Career, money

Her career is not particularly important, unless they engage in the arts, banking or law. It’s a good improviser and solves business problems. Successfully used business connections and easy to adapt to any new situation. If necessary, it will work and work below their level, however, will quickly find a solution that places itself in the best possible way. Top Contributors her men.


It leaves the impression of a sexy person and can actually be quite calculated. It’s important to her that the handsome man, but if you thought that you could have used, is ready to be in a relationship and someone who is not in love. Many think that it is fatal, passionate and dream to be with her, but is often disappointed when better acquainted.

The family

For her family is most important and is very attached to her parents, especially her mother, with whom he sometimes can have a very complicated relationship. As a mother is perfect, ready to sacrifice for the children and that they receive. Many scales have only one child, often born too late. It is very sentimental for our neighbors, the genetic father and made him quite often inherited.


May have problems with your kidneys, pancreas, skin, blood circulation. You need to take care of their health because of the softer than it looks.