Sign COUPLE FROM HELL: These combinations never works!

Maybe you fell for the bad guy, and that’s fine as long as not too bad for you. Unfortunately, there are some guys who are neither bad nor good, but they are a hell of a combination.


Nothing is better than a little love chase, a Taurus will is and how to provide. If spanđate with them, when you end (and you will), you will create a scene you will never forget. Proklinjaćete yourself you do go into a relationship with him.


You have a tendency to look at things too seriously, but this is not the case with shooters. The “whatever” attitude will lead to madness, but the moment you try to lock in the relationship will go. The only thing that will be missing in connection with this sign will be all those little psychological games that you have regularly practiced.


“Get up!” – this’ll be filled with hearing if hooking up with Capricorn. Most hate when you’re bored, and it will become a regular thing if you decide to be with Capricorn. He is just too valuable and convenient for you, but the relationship will really destroy its uncompromising honesty. Sometimes you do not need brutally honest answer – but a person who will make you laugh.


All you want is a little peace, security and support. Is that a lot? For Aquarius certainly because he loves the fun and freedom. His emotional detachment will not help much in the moments in which you need support, and then you think it’s just better to be alone. I’ll be right because it is better to be single than Rak Rak related to Aquarius.


Leos love to be surrounded by fun people that will help them be even more in the spotlight. If you are hooking up with Scorpio, will quickly take you down to the ground and smother his possessiveness. They can also be very possessive and jealous, and you definitely will not respond to every time you engage in a little flirting cut his jealous eye.


If there’s one thing I despise this sign, it is chasing. And it is this is something that Taurus loves. His relaxed attitude will lead to madness and you’ll never know how things really are in a relationship. As a Virgo you know what is not good for you, and Aquarius is perhaps the worst thing.


Scales prefer harmony, but it does not mean that things always have to be the same. The truth is that Virgo will completely suppress his need to always be right, and all the fun and fabulously about you will quickly fade.


We have to admit that between Aries and Scorpio there is a certain chemistry – one that pulls you out of the worst. When you are together, we will focus only on their own needs and you will not care about the needs of partners. Aries wants to always be things his way, a Scorpio it does not fit. Without bond failure will only bring you frustration and pain.


Taurus and Sagittarius are two polar opposites, and they have almost nothing together. Taurus likes to play safely and in relation to almost felt stifled, and you know that you can not stand. But that’s not all. Bulls do not like change, and they are the driving energy for you.


Fortunately, you’re not in danger of hooking up with Leo. Immediately you will understand how you are different and that there is no chance that your relationship work. Capricorn is a loyal, creative and oriented goals, but Leo is too facing you. On the other hand, certainly do not have many friends Lions, but the chances of any kind of relationship with him even less time.


Capricorn and Cancer are so poor partners to be mentioned twice. Cancer Aquarius will be too emotional and selfish, while the lack of support this freak.


Although Scales very charming, can sometimes be unfeeling and insensitive. Although it will not think will happen to hurt your feelings. I can inflict pain and charm then pull another chance only to be re-done the same. Disruptions between Aries and Sagittarius are known for what they can not last forever.