Sign of the Zodiac determines how you want him to say he loves you

It may not pronounce those two famous words “I love you”, but it will certainly prove to certain procedures. Tell us what is in the chart, and we’ll tell you how to say “I love you”.


Aries man you their support says he loves you. When loves, he’s your biggest fan in all fields of life. I love it when you’re competing minded even when you win, it will make you even more love.


Taurus men expressed their feelings so they will protect you, maybe sometimes too. Its support is unwavering!


When a man enters Gemini discussion with your partner finally managed to see things from others’ perspectives and in most cases change his mind. Then understands and loves you for that.


When you have a bad day, cancer will be the one to take you by the hand and take her out for a walk. I’m quiet and if they’ll let you be “blown out”. This is one of the best ways to express your love.


Leo shows love so that you make it clear how you would like the price and the likes. We proudly represent you to your friends, family and colleagues.


Love shows not only by offering you advice but by and accepts and adopts the advice that you give him.


It remains in contact with you. He does not need a reason to call you or write you, just needs to be told to you and see how you are.


Scorpio will simply ask: “How can I be better?”. The man born under this sign for the woman he loves wants to become the best version of yourself.


The moment you announce that you packing your bags you should know that it is serious about you. It will be a destination to which you go and what you might have casually mentioned in an interview.


Capricorn will surprise you with unusual gifts such as SPA or a voucher for a particular shop. Good to remember details that make you happy and this is his way of telling you he loves you.


Aquarius will imitate your good works, they may give money to charity on your behalf, but it will certainly do something that fills you with passion and be in you.


Fish will ask you how your day has passed without having first told about your. The moment in which you realize that you carefully listen to the moment when you fell in love.