Sign-sign and temperament Temperament is the most affected by the planet Mars!

Temperament is the most affected by the planet Mars. While Cancer retains anger, Virgo is most serene. Fish all experienced personally, but the loudest angry Aries and Leo.

Rams are known for their short fuse

Nothing uzrnemirava members of this sign as a lack of loyalty and contempt order, and are able to get riled up because the smallest detail, because every insult perceived as an attack on the ego. Since the Rams extremely temperamental, in a fit of rage do not choose the means to finish off opponents. But if the other side remains quiet, Rams will rapidly cool. Also, there is likely to be the first to apologize, which facilitates the smoothing of the situation.

Taurus has a lot of patience, but it should not cause

Patient, quiet and thoughtful members of this sign have the toughest nerves throughout the Zodiac. However, if you constantly challenge their patience, beware, because you will hear everything you resentment from the first moment since you know. The downside bull temperament is that it does not cease to strive for justice, but to wait for years to get back to those who had wronged.

Gemini anger expressed words

Cheerful and hyperactive, Gemini diplomatic discussions occur and have an enviable skill primirivanja situation. If you get angry, prikloniće the low blows, words that strike an opponent where the weakest. Then they will cry out and i will listen to the arguments of the other side. However, the upside is you will quickly calm down and be ready to cross the argument without hard feelings.

Cancer suffer and rarely has outbursts

Members of this sign are caring, sweet and good-natured and do not like unpleasant scenes that are all trying hard to avoid. They are tolerant and provoke rarely given to such an extent that the loss of nerve. It is very likely that the crabs turn back and just leave in the middle of an argument, but that does not mean they are not really temperamental, but they have great self-control. Therefore prone to anger and frustration in it.

Leo is irritating but not dangerous

Although members of this sign temperamental, are not nearly as explosive Rams. Irritable are, and if the offense, becoming cold and calculating. The anger is critically placed to the other side, no popustiće if they see that they were wrong. Since quite egotistical, justice will sometimes cast out cry.

Virgo controlling emotions

Although most members of this sign calm and control emotions, there are those that anger, though rarely overtake, forcing you to break things and make a very unpleasant scene. All members of this sign hate to lose in the debates, but will try his best to present himself as the moral winners. They are not prone to quarrels in public, because it is very important that others see them as cultural, which proves how much can be controlled and wait for the right time to attack. Strife usually start small provocations, but will not admit it.

Libra for hours even

Members of this sign will rarely show their true face in a fight, but only if according to people close to show what it looks like their anger, while others will see a calm interviewee. Scales may be very offended, and are therefore able to sulk for hours. The greatest moments of anger and leave the discussion down the phone and expect to make up the big move.

Scorpio provoking, but does not lose control

A bit arrogant and manipulative, Scorpio showed that more temperamental than they really arguing ejected from the clock. Later criticize yourself as others showed their weakness, but usually start a fight if they feel that they were not a priority neighbor. Sometimes they fight and for the sake of, to show the other side of where the boundaries of behavior that are willing to tolerate.

Temperament Sagittarius is unpredictable

The quarrels are members of this sign is quite irrational and have no respect for other people’s feelings. Attackers other side without a plan, and screaming out of any phase of the stage crying. However, once expressed attitude does not change, but they need a lot of persuasion to forgive other people’s insults. For them, it is best not to enter into discussions immediately, but to stay over major decisions.

Capricorn needs time to settle down

Practical and disciplined, Capricorns are sensitive to others’ needs and feelings, and in discussions usually try to look at the real cause of the disagreement. Since the coolness under very emotional, will not be able to control emotions when you feel that their good intentions are questioned. They try to make you mad, they are ready to make concessions for the common good, but they need to call all the shots. After heavy fights, can be silent for days until you calm down.

Aquarius is quick to anger, but also forget

Members of this sign usually lose their temper if they meet with restrictions or their objections to the failed expectations. Are not self-critical, so about his possible guilt can think only days after the conflict. The most important thing to them is to emphasize that no one they can not manage, but this is usually not true, because they are slaves to their nervousness. However, quickly forgotten and are willing to go over the arguments and even an insult if they are ready to do the same.

Fish all experienced personally

Members of this sign are usually hypersensitive, but they do not love their feelings are hurt, they try not to do that, nor another. However, if they lose their temper, will give a little theatrical scene and look for solitude. Once cool, but it’s fast, have a strong need to smooth over the situation immediately. Even they themselves seek forgiveness, even when objectively not guilty.