Sign: This sign is the biggest crook of the zodiac!? Expressive and cute, representing two different sides of personality!

Variability is the right word for this dual character. Expressive and cute, representing two different sides of personality and you will never be sure with whom you will face. If you have not guessed who it is, we’ll discover – these are twins. And if you disagree with it …

Superficiality and hypocrisy are their other name. One day delight something to spit on the second day, a third are able to swear to never about about not heard a word, let alone have an opinion. Of course, it is a Gemini.

More excuses lies than truth. The most common lie for trivial things. You can be sure if you Didymus says ships in 5 minutes that one did not go away.

So many know they become entangled in their lies that no one can untangle them, and often forget who is responsible for what hustling, but was quickly debunked. Many will, many things begin, but do not start until the end.

Concentration and attention they are very short-term, and therefore apply for one of the characters who often cheat. If the club go to the toilet and leave it alone, do not be surprised that you had forgotten and danced with another girl. The sense of responsibility is not something we know, but most of their promises to hang a cat tail.

They are not bad, far from it, are simply too disorganized and harum-scarum that one could not rely on them. They love to be in a mess and so is the best environment. In business sellers are born because their slatkorečivošću camel can sell sand. Twin will easily conquer their manipulation and the kind words, but will find it difficult to keep. However, when it encounters the right person that will interest him so much that they will want to settle down next to her, changing the story … says Serbia today.

This does not mean that twins do not have those other great qualities, oh why, after all, love. But let’s leave that for another topic …