Signs of the zodiac at Saint Peter’s …. How to certain zodiac signs around the ‘other world’ ‘.

Through a comic prism, will bring you to the individual zodiac signs around the ‘other world’ ‘.


To be sure Petre, I’m in charge and I decide the fate of these here in white, whoever they are. I think you’re missing here is the manager. Wait, did I really get here without any sense? I’ll need personal offices with plenty of light. And the other one on the right a come immediately for an interview.


How do you think no steak ?! The fact that I have no stomach shot what you are not aware that we’ve set ourselves. And you do not have a separate room for smokers us? What the hell is this place? I want the driver to immediately transfer me to a hotel with a lot more stars.


They quickly adapted to the new conditions and are already looking for a new society, they make this place fun. ” Is there a free phone? Actually, I’m gonna need two. One laptop is ok to be in communication with the people down. Hey here is awesome! Even I did not need a car, I can teleport at last. ”


Crabs can live 150 years and are always on the edge, up or down. Before the instructions in the eternal life, they saved all overstock their memories. Occasionally are nostalgic, but there are twins to raise their morale.


Neeeeeee. I’m not dead, am I not supposed to be. So the world is deprived of a perfection … Ok, do you realize that I’m here I’m in charge now? So where’s the red carpet? You have no idea who you get.


Well here is perfect, not even ” Domestos’ is not required. Like what is your white, just white. Work, order and discipline, what perfection. If I’d known, I’d have rushed to visit you. Recommend these mortals down your principle.


Wow, what a fun tunnel. What if I do not like? A few moments later: Au is this St. Peter or George Clooney? Mmm. I think it will be ok here. What if I get bored?


With its nine lives, it is this place is very familiar. Here is my Scorpio to her. In the tunnel there is always the possibility to conduct astral sex. The only problem is that they Meduza is fierce competition.


And if this trip, it is a complete delight. Finally I get to meet new people and a new, completely unknown city. Hooray! Finally, I would leave my body that I was ambushed my entire lifetime. Freedom, here I am.


I need some time to realize that I was dead. Does my secretary will remember to take my book and cancel a meeting for tomorrow. Uh … And they all Uncleared mails! Here is good that there is some order. Beautifully organized, alludes to the establishment of good cooperation.


I choose hell, where there is anarchy and the rules are there to be broken. All these rules are exhausting for my soul that to travel without restrictions. What the hell, not ?! I am here for progressive reform.


Always on the edge of life and another world. You can almost indistinguishable these worlds when I have my own little that resembles both. I will stay in it wherever they were. It is good to be able to choose your body shape. This is quite cool.