Sinastrija art of identifying potential Collateral horoscopes – Sinastrija

One of the most common questions Ask professional astrologers, is whether there is a relationship to survive, if we have a potential for marriage, what is the function of this relationship?

I just sinastrija (interpretation of comparative sign) , is one of the most complex branches of astrology , because the astrologer is in a situation that sublimates experiences, emotions, potentials of two persons.

There are a number of extremely good techniques to show the nature of any relationship, but we are here to show the basic idea of ​​a sure sign that the relationship has a chance of success and sustainability, as well as a way to discern which carries a potential partnership.

In this article, we shall deal with issues of emotional ties as well as indicators of their success and the future , well, we’ll provide an overview of the most powerful influences that mode appears among business partners, friends, students and teachers and the like.

And because of this, The first step is to separate interpret horoscopes person A and person B, and from their birth charts you find:

  • What are the partners,

  • how cheery,

  • Are you prone to long-term relationships or not,

  • they desire in primary relationships.

    Only when you have meticulously analyzed all aspects of the individual horoscopes, switching to the interpretation of comparative aspects.

    From years of working in this area, set aside a couple of rules:

    • Do not favor one person , and the other to criticize.
    • Ma that it is the nature of the relationship, observe that are on one level exchange thoughts, emotions and energy , and certainly there is a reason for it.
    • Try to avoid conclusions, as (there is no chance for the realization of this relationship, etc.) because human resources and urge for change may surprise you.
    • Do not judge harshly compared, because the horoscope a significant number of negative aspects (such as square, opposition or conjunction of heavy planet), it will certainly bring a lot of challenges, but it can also empower par.
    • On the other hand, do not be fooled by a large number of very positive aspects (this will bring lightness and love), but what about the resources that the relationship survive and in difficult moments?

      Once you’ve analyzed the horoscopes of individuals, and to adopt an uncritical attitude to work, you can move on to making Sinastrije.

      In classical analysis, taking horoscopes of two persons (person A and person B for convenience), and observe the following factors:

      1. Which fields horosopa / home planet persons applying A, and vice versa.
      2. What is the mutual aspect of the plan (observe and interpret the inner, and outer planets).
      3. Are there aspects of the Moon’s nodes (a special attention to the conjunction).
      4. Is the Arab point of marriage in conjunction, trine or sextile to the personal planets.

        Horoscopes can calculate in any astrological software, and if desired, you can calculate them personally.

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