Sinastrija art of identifying potential Collateral horoscopes

A Planete people in the houses people B / B Planete people in the houses of A
A – The planets in the seventh field partner’s natal horoscope
will always and undoubtedly confirm a strong connection and strong emotions, and karmic ispreplatanost (when talking about Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

Of course, you must check the power of the planet, how they are aspected in the client’s chart, and how many aspects, do with your partner planets.
All this information will give a closer insight into the nature of the relationship, the pace and the possibility for a serious relationship, marriage.

The Sun
In the men’s horoscope is the ability to implement and build the future, persistence and stability.

In women’s horoscope the Sun is an indicator of what kind of man he wants, that her expectations, and how the institution of marriage is personally important.

In the horoscope the Sun is always a potential relationship, but if it comes in a box VII partner’s horoscope, indicates him / her see you as our partners optimal.

In the men’s horoscope is a model of the woman he is looking for, the way feeling, sensitivity, and the way that satisfies their emotional needs.

In the female star sign represents administration, raising its properties as a partner.

In comparative horoskpopu, the position of the Month at home determine the way of expressing emotions.

But is here and optimal if the Moon native’s (client’s) found in the VII field partner’s natal horoscope B / or vice versa, because it is a sign to tell this person “recognize” like a reflection in a mirror, with a strong ability to identify all situation and thought through that s / he passes.

Stability, and in some ways the karmic predestined relationship will bring the moon in the IV field partner’s horoscope, and if there is conjunction with the IC (IV top boxes) there are huge chances of starting a family.

And in the men’s and the women’s horoscope represents the way we think, what intrigues us, who gave us talents.

Although at first glance may seem neutral, position of Mercury in the interpretation of comparative horoscope is very important, and his position at home partners will show the details of the relationship that we can achieve, so if it comes in the seventh box, mark the couple who have perfect communication, identical intellectual potential , intellectual exchange, as a base relations.

Make sure that all this is true if we are talking about well-aspected Mercury, because under aflikacijama, we can expect a strong intellectual bond, but unfortunately no passion, or otherwise neizdefinisane gender roles.

In both sexes in the chart represents the way we experience love, how it fills us what we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of it, who are our principles in primary relationships, expectations which, in a word-our whole emotional set.

And of course it is Venus in partner’s natal horoscope VII field, one of the surest signs that it comes to true love, emotions are completely clean, to feel the fairness of elections.

This is one of the positions that will occur in a fatal love story, where the partners remain fascinated by each other throughout life.

But if Venus does not make the position of Saturn, does not necessarily mean marriage, but it will certainly give you a long and pure love.

The horoscope is our sexuality, strength, enthusiasm and willingness, readiness to fight for what we want and the amount of positive energy that you carry inside.

To gain the full importance of Mars in VII sign the partner’s field, he must make aspects with Venus and the moon (they even negative) will bring a strong passion, fiery attitude.

If the floor aflikacijama can bring passion that turns into aggression or in some way oddity sexual desire.

horoscope are the planet’s well-being, what we in some way given to what comes unexpectedly and change our circumstances on the positive.

It is always a very good sign when you find a partner in the VII field in the natal chart, often causes partners to work together, which brings a lot of resources of the.

-u horoscope is a great teacher, one that reminds us of the mistakes that we want to forget, putting us from the consequences of our decisions; surprising but it is very important in terms of marriage.

Do not forget that Saturn’s exaltation in Libra (marriage), but when on the positive aspects of the personal planets, the marriage must take place, even under pressure!

Once in the field VII partner’s horoscope, it brings a very long marriage, depending on the aspect can be highlighted and the great tribulation, but almost never allow divorce!

As the planet of freedom and unconventionality in the chart, there’s not much in common with the theme of sustainability and marriage.

But when he found Uranus in partner’s VII field means:

-the possibility that a partner is already married, but the relationship will somehow be confidential and will never get a form from the world.
may also mean that the partner whose Uranus VII apply our field, completely changed our habits, ideas about marriage, but after this connection our attitudes about marriage will never be the same.
But certainly this aspect we are talking about a couple of powerful energy, which at the time of the meeting had a very powerful emotional and energy exchange.

I do not necessarily indicate a long relationship, but certainly the ones we remember for a long time.

Mysticism planet in the horoscope, unfathomable, profound and spiritual in itself waives Saturnovske forms, and questions her marriage in any way are not very close.

If Neptune is found in the VII field partner’s horoscope, here are some secret, something you can not see clearly and naturally to the partner who receives influences of Neptune totally fascinated and unable to see reality.

It may mark the intricate, secret relationships, which include fraud.

The exception is if the good aspects of Neptune, and horoscopes artist or a spiritualist, mystic, because that means finding a deeper meaning

are the deepest horoscope karma, things that we have lost consciousness and which are part of us.

NASA and the interior of the core being, both positive and negative sides.

When Pluto finds himself in the VII field partner’s horoscope, sure indicator of karma, as well as the deep reasons why the two men were present, although the circumstances in which they find themselves, as a rule aggravating.

This relationship is by no means easy, but it is necessary, and you can not escape it, no matter what you try, until you clean the karmic shackles.