Sitting Bull: What for you says the Indian horoscope? Are you a wolf, deer or salmon?

Many Native American (not Indian, remember) cultures believe that at the time of birth of each person assigned to an animal that is her guardian. Check out what you say to the good old Indians!

OTTER (January 20 to February 18)

Small, complicated and unusual, otter is an animal that is hard to understand. Perceived as unconventional phenomenon, it is rarely the first one to turn to for solving problems or a job. This is the big mistake of people because, although unusual, Otters methods are generally quite effective. Certainly has an unusual way of looking at things, but is equipped with extraordinary intelligence and imagination that give it an edge over everyone. Intuitive and all notes, a good friend and be very careful. In cultivated environment Vidra is sensitive, compassionate, brave and honest, but if it is left in a messy environment can be rude, beksrupulozna, rebellious and isolated.

WOLF (February 19 to March 20)

Deeply emotional and passionate, wolf lover in physical and philosophical sense of the word. He understands that love is the only thing that we all need and is fully capable to provide. Along with his independence, he is a symbol of contradiction. He needs freedom, but still quite gentle and compassionate. A lone wolf is nurtured in an environment intentzivno passionate, generous, gentle and mild. If left to itself take care of yourself may be impractical, obsessive and vengeful.

SOKO (March 21-April 19)

It is in my nature to be a leader, it is relying on when you need it clear judgments and decisions in difficult and unusual situations. In addition, the Indian icon does not waste time in vain, already knows that iron Strike while it’s hot. It boasts perseverance and initiative, it is an essential figure in the projects and team sports. Soko can be a little vain – but mostly right, but this is understandable arrogance. In an environment in which there is growing support for the Falcon ability to maintain passion and fire in relationships and manages to awaken compassion in it. However, if it is left in the lurch, will be vain, rude, intolerant, impatient and overly sensitive.

BEAVER (April 20-May 20)

His motto is – download a responsibility to adapt and overcome. His job is almost everything in life, and is able to finish everything with maximum efficiency and confidence. Strategically, cunning Dabar is a force you can count on in terms of business and fight. His mental abilities are very focused, so i can count on them. Beaver everything is on hand, but the attitude of “my way or no way” can bring him into trouble. Although it is usually right, it should work on every clock cycle. It can be a compassionate, generous, helpful and loyal, but also nervous, possessive, arrogant and a little chicken.

DEER (May 21-June 20)

On the main zodiac muse, inspiring the lively and cute. His humor thrives everyone to laugh. It is the perfect interlocutor and an excellent guest at parties. His natural intelligence seems to be always aware of its environment and its phenomena. His narcissism may be overlooked due to the closeness and attentiveness that adorn it. In a protected environment on the inspiring force for good relationships, but if you leave it very soon becomes selfish, moody, impatient, and lazy shuffle.

DETLIĆ (21. jun – 21. July)

Woodpeckers are committed to fostering. He is the perfect listener, full of compassion and understanding, and definitely the person you want on your side when you need support. Of course, as such, is an excellent parent, a wonderful friend and partner. It is naturally modest, resourceful and organized. Is caring, devoted and very romantic, but it can easily turn into jealousy, possessiveness and malice.

SALMON (July 22 – August 21)

Electrical, focused, intuitive and magnificently creative, tangible Salmon is full of energy. It is a natural motivator, his confidence and enthusiasm is very infectious. He did not take long for everyone to be with him, even though at first the idea sounds bad. Generous, intelligent and intuitive, so no wonder he has many friends. Salmon speed is expressed the need for goals and is not difficult to find volunteers for their personal crusades. It is a stable, peaceful and sensual, but often can not be vulgar intolerant egoist.

BEAR (August 22 – 21. September)

Pragmatic and methodical, Bear call when you need a steady hand. Its convenience and calmness make it an excellent business partner. In most scenarios, it is the voice of reason and owls says good balance. Basically is endowed with a huge heart and loves the generous people. Few people know that the bear is very modest, even shy. It is an excellent teacher and mentor. Occupation you love and generosity, although it may not be withdrawn, skeptical and lazy.

CROW (septembar 22. – 22. October)

Full of enthusiasm, Crow is a natural charmer effortlessly. Her energy is easily recognized, and all turn to her ideas and opinions. An idealist is ingenious and Diplomacy her forte. The simple and romantic, intuitive and patient relationships, but it can also be difficult, inconsistent and vengeful.

SNAKE (October 23 to November 22)

Most shamans born under this sign. The snake is a natural in everything. It is easy to identify, so it is a great spiritual leader. Excels in medical professions, because of its healing powers, above all, respected. Zmijina concern intangible issues often leads to the fact that people see as mysterious and frightening person. It is true that he can be mysterious and a bit dark, but it is a very sensitive and caring. It can be passionate, inspirational and humorous or violent and prone to abnormal mood swings.

SOVA (November 23 to December 21)

Variable and volatile, Owl’s hard to tie one place. She is a warm, natural and simple, the best friend of the whole world. White is the voice that goes through life at high speed and to live for adventure. This may be to its detriment, because it can be reckless, careless and reckless. Owls are great artists, teachers and conservationists. However, due to its flexibility and versatility – stands out in every profession. Sensitive and a good listener, but may be exaggerated, bitter and belligerent.

GOOSE (December 22 to January 19)

If you want to do something – call geese. She is persistent, determined and ambitious to the core, set goals and reach them yet. She is determined to succeed at all costs – not because of someone’s approval, but because it competes with its own internal enemy. Therefore, it is excellent in business and competitive sports. When tempered by family and friends who look after and nurture, Goose can be very passionate, witty, social and sensual. Otherwise – obsession will lead to dependence, which will inevitably lead to its disappearance.