Situation in the sky-a lot revolves around work and health, working habits and routines!

At work we are trying to be beneficial and actions, routine burdens us, we try to make something different, even if it changes and chair in the living room.

Your creativity, intuition, the need for sensation itself in a deep, analytical and somewhat mysterious way, but if we work environment and experience. We will be prone to risks, possessive and complicated in comparison with colleagues or burdened health outcomes, especially if they are related to stomach and genitals.

Although we need for recovery and security, we will be suspicious and extreme in decision making, often holding irrational attitudes.

The need for learning, understanding and acceptance of most things we can not change. We need ideals and inspiration, failing which we will be prone to excessive criticism and emotionally cold and reserved.

Due to the extremely rapid decisions can cause problems at work, but that does not bother to express their ideas and goals. If we look at the state of health, we can annoy and bother slow recovery or any complications, although the response to a given therapy than good. And our daily lives need a sense, but we will be very unhappy with the routine and visibly astonished options offered to us beyond the boundaries of routine.

Fear and Optimism are the key words for this day.