SOKO, beaver, wolf … What is your sign of the Indian horoscope?

Medved is one of the most powerful Native American symbols, snakes are spiritual leaders, and the wolves have the power!

SOKO 21 3 – 19 4 (Aries)
Soko is a brave bird that flies high, a lone fighter, a born leader. Sharp view of the world controls the events and asking for prey – their goals. His sharp eyes symbolizes the vision, great ideas and ingenuity. People are inspired by his spirit will find a way to lift themselves out of any difficult situation. Soko is therefore a symbol of successful people. You are an independent person who values ​​their freedom. It’s easy to focus on the desired goals and you’re very effective in achieving them. Mobile and spontaneous live very intense. Do you like to write their own rules, and always follow your heart.

DABAR 20 4 – 20 5 (Taurus)
The beaver is a hard-working animals attached to land and water. Adroit is a builder who skillfully harmonizes stability and volatility. By building a dam on the troubled waterways, Dabar shows that it is possible to realize their dreams. Water is a symbol of unconscious desires, feelings and dreams. Believe in them, build on them is not impossible, moreover, when you allow them to take us, with dexterity, stability and intelligence, we can make a miracle. If Dabar your animal spirit, you are persistent and effective, sensitive and stable, always true to our dreams. Your mind is quick and sharp, you’ve been successful in business, loyal to family. We will do everything to create the life of your dreams.

HART 21 5 – 20 6 (Gemini)
Graceful and cute deer animal is that easily overcomes obstacles combining ingenuity and speed. Always aware of the environment, ready to escape danger or find the right source of food. If you are inspired by the spirit of Jelena, you’ll be skillful way through life, using his intelligence and resourcefulness. Creating a balance between earth and fluttering enchant others with your spirituality, dobronamernošću and beauty. Jelen is not alone animals and you’ll have an active family and social contacts. Pride and a sense of fairness permeate your life’s purpose and responsibilities.

DETLIĆ 21 6 – 21 7 (Cancer)
All birds Indian horoscope seek knowledge. Detlićev curious beak knocking on many doors, looking for hidden knowledge. This requires intuition, determination and perseverance. Woodpecker If your animal spirit, his work and life will create a lot of noise to attract attention. Your communication skills are expressed clearly express yourself and have a strong will. Like woodpeckers, know how to identify the right opportunity and make the most of it. Your vibrant energy, mobility, joy and determination to help you discover the hidden values ​​of life. Wisdom you have gained his decisive nature can be a signpost to others.

SALMON 22 7 – 21 8 (Leo)
Salmon is incredibly strong and persistent fish, known for its orientation toward a goal and perseverance that swims against the current. Salmon can recognize a purpose in life, intuitive and ready to face the biggest challenges. If you are inspired by the spirit of salmon, their work will and strong will be an inspiration to many. Motivate others with their ideas and intelligence. It’s hard to discourage you and you will always find creative ways of dealing with life’s obstacles. Your confidence and enthusiasm based on the infinite source of inner wisdom, thanks to the contact with the water unconscious. One you are not scared, they still bravely swim.

BEAR 22 8 – 21 9 (Virgo)
One of the most powerful symbols of Native American, Bear Spirit means freedom, protection, strength and courage. Medved is stable and strong animals, caring and protective. If you carry the spirit of the Bear, you have a big heart. You’re being modest, somewhat shy, extremely generous and protective attitude towards the family and private life. Patience Bear is great, but it can be unpredictable. If you lose control, it may be completely unaware of their power and intimidating impression leaves. Medved is a great teacher for insight and deep understanding of nature, the intuitive recognition of the right things. Therefore Medved deep inside feel gratitude, the guardian of life, his family and his clan.
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GAVRAN 22 9 – 22 10 (Libra)
Raven has a special place in the Indian world. A bird that can talk had a special significance. Entertainer talkative, charming and relaxed, romantic Gavran enchants his stories. From its height can gain an insight into life from a different perspective. Raven was able to see beyond the illusion spoljašenjeg to penetrate the secrets. He was carrying the messages of the hidden world and taught their stories. If you are inspired by the spirit of Raven, you’re very astute, able to surmise and recognize the truth. That’s your healing potential, because you can help others to relieve and purify the secret knowledge of the truth.

SNAKE 23 10 – 22 11 (Scorpio)
The serpent is an ancient animal, present in many mythologies, unfortunately, in our cultural circle associated with negative traits. For the Indians, the snake spiritual leader. The largest Native American shamans and medicine men were born in the sign of the Snake. Great inner strength and connection with primal energies give Serpent recuperative harmonizing opposites, intuitive recognition of truth. If you pervades its spirit, and you are secretive, sensitive, intuitive and very intense nature. Contact with the unconscious, intuitive, you can deal with difficult situations, but always strong-willed and confident in their goals. You are strong and deep feelings, calm and mysteriously attractive.

SOVA 23 11 – 21 12 (Sagittarius)
Owl see in the dark, hunt at night, has a particularly wide field of view. Indians meant wisdom, transparency and secret knowledge. Sova announces changes in the weather, it is attributed to the ability of anticipation of what was to come. Owls Spirit in you emphasize your views. You can recognize the astute and intuitive development. Are you longing for experiences that will deepen the understanding of life and you thread them into the deep, life wisdom. You are restless and curious. Your interests are very diverse and tirelessly chase through life. Use your wisdom to be adapted to constant changes that carries life with enthusiasm that never dries up. Great you are a teacher, an artist, a slick talker.

GOOSE 22 12 – 19 1 (Capricorn)
As migratory birds goose is an excellent navigator. Goose perfectly directed towards selected target and is ready worthwhile to work on its realization. Confidence and courage shown in any situation. The bird is that flying in a flock, incredibly loyal to each member, full support. People inspired by the spirit of geese have within themselves the inner driving force that causes them to achievement. You do not need to compete with others, but always bidding themselves. Extremely loyal to you, you are a team player, your family is important. In their need to expand their perspective will always include nearby.

VIDRA 20 1 – 18 2 (Aries)
Otter lives in two worlds, water and dirt. At the same time as they do not belong anywhere and everywhere belongs. This fast, elusive and resourceful animals skillfully takes advantage of both worlds in order to ensure survival. Otters are earthy stable manner, or seek other ways of solving tasks of life. Water element gives them intuition and swift reactions, the ability to deep insight. Vidra If your animal spirit, you are curious and witty, playful and ready to violations. You are sociable and cheerful, popular in society. The other reminds us that life is a game of constant change in which rules are made to be broken.

WOLF 19 2 – 20 3 (Fish)
Indians are highly respected as a wolf pack animal, loyal, great strength and endurance. The wolf is an intelligent, profound understanding of nature and its cycles. Hence derives his confidence in the life force. People inspired by the spirit of the Vuka endowed with deep faith that springs from compassion and generosity. Vuk as pack animals is very expressive. Uses body language, touch, sight, complex sounds. If you expressed the spirit of the Vuka, you can easily express their feelings. It handles the creative industries, writing, dance and acting. You are deeply compassionate and gentle, but also fiercely defend your world and your family.