South Node-dragon’s tail, Cauda Draconis or Ketu (astrology)

South Node (Dragon’s tail, Cauda Draconis or Ketu), it can be said, is an archive of all information related to our earlier incarnations, but our roots and all the features of our ancestors (or ourselves?) That we inherited genetically . It has complete knowledge or habits that we have acquired in previous lives and that, as a backpack, carry from one to another incarnation by supplementing the way. He gives us insight into our karma and all the decisions that we made in previous lives. In the astrological chart indicates our weaknesses and shortcomings that attract us automatically from previous lives and that now, instinctively, to express themselves. The tendency of individuals to act in this way instead of the “advice” of the northern node is nothing but a habit and the line of least resistance. How we have a case that some people, in certain situations, behaving in a way that is not beneficial to her, she knows that, but – nothing changes. It is because of this change requires a certain effort, waiver of some sort of comfort or safety arising out of habit. It is this “habit” is nothing but a constructed model of behavior from earlier life that, if we let him, bringing stagnation in our development. Of course, the South Node carries all the talents, skills and abilities that we have acquired and which should be used in the best possible way. However, if too much left to its effects, it can negatively affect the sense of identity, cause uncertainty and doubt in their own values. That’s why many astrologers are called Achilles heel.