Square-is of the nature of Mars and forcing a person to start!

Square-90º This aspect refers to the tension, primarily internal, is of the nature of Mars and forcing a person to initiate and resolve tensions. Some astrologers attach to him the nature of Saturn, because Saturn refers to the fears and sacrifice. It is necessary that people give up comfort and comes into contact with what is most afraid to have experienced a transformative experience.

Square does not involve contradiction and developed consciousness, he runs. There are opinions that the square weaker than the opposition, forcing an individual to act, or not developing awareness of the other side as is the case with the opposition. When a young person usually has a problem to take planned action to resolve tensions, its shares were mostly hasty. These squares are unawakened.

Square usually involves characters who have the same modality or different elements. The tension is created due to the different courses of action, for which a person has to take a lot more effort and energy to solve the conflict characters. Aries and Cancer in the square, as well as Aries and Capricorn. Taurus and Aquarius are in the square, as well as the Taurus and Capricorn, etc.

Squares lead to a variety of crises, challenges, constraints, resistance and interference with conscious action that can lead to transformation, maturation, productivity.

Square could be equated with physical exercises, because the person again fighting against their limits, redefining goals, invest some effort leading to results such as defined muscle mass. The same applies to mental effort and obstacles that people face when they need to solve a specific challenge or task.

Squares in the natal chart strengthen the will and motivation. They represent a form of cleansing and as such may affect the maturation of a person provided that it is ready to learn from them and not to repeat the same patterns of behavior. Only after this phase of understanding, as the squared aspect gets creative function, through which people can achieve their goals. For the orb is taken to 8º.