Square Jupiter and Neptune -If you lose faith in others, trust yourself, believe deeply in your Intuc ……

God is not niđe. Nit above nor below, neither the front nor the rear, nor the left nor the right. He was born nit nit be born, as you can not die. No difference was not looking. He is everything. When pronounced, “My God!” And to only show his hand toward the sky, that has already emerged from the faith. (Ivo Andrić signs along the road)

Jupiter has long been in tense aspect with Neptune (late September is starting to cool). For those who do not understand the rules of astrology and its heavenly game, but for those who understand and still ask what it could to bring them, what is this aspect and how to explain and overcome through internal development, here’s the text.

In the interpretation of dreams, Jung and Freud, but after all serious researchers of the human psyche, the light would be thrown on the dismissal and the interpretation of symbols that appeared in a dream. When he discovered the meaning of the symbols of the dreamer, the dream and its message would be clear. But to reveal the symbolism of sleep, interpreter of dreams is to have openness, intuition and empathy for dreamers and above all to have always in mind that the interpretation and success that only depends on the dreamer and their interaction or exchange of energy, thoughts, feelings and insights. How would you interpret probudiralo deeper into the core of things, ie. the message of the dream, that emerged from the symbols of the dream that the dreamer interpreted in their own way and according to the current situation and a situation in which it is located, and the interpreter only monitored and directed towards the end of the tunnel or dismissal of sleep, the relationship between these two people, the interpreter and the dreamer would be all the closer, deeper, more honest. Therapist to him now so to speak, should be someone who follows or playing the dreamer to speak, associate, contemplates, is the fact, while the man himself does not click on the message, to which it will therapist gently pushing toward discovery, insight or out awareness and lead . The therapist, says Jung, must have in itself a very important feature – it can lead to a dialectical conversation with an equal partner, in fact this is a dialectical process that takes place between two personalities and the quality of their relationship depends on the quality of dream interpretation.

This means that nothing can be thoroughly and properly be interpreted if there is no cooperation between the two entities, client and therapist. As a therapist must have a clear picture of his client, especially to know where the current status, relationships and situations in life, and the client must be honest in interacting with the therapist wholeheartedly helping their associations, because it can not interpret the dream of another person if she will not give us his subconscious thoughts regarding the interpretation of dreams.

However, many people have the wrong idea that every therapist, but now I can say astrologer, specializes solely on the basis of his expert knowledge, translation files, as it is a meager, learned patterns of translating from one language to another. The only satisfactory consultation, which should be the therapist and the client to change after sightings when they come to a common interpretation of the objective pursued and solutions. We can say that foreign languages ​​are astrological symbols for people who do not know their meaning. But they are living images of the person to change meaning, just like a dream. If, in the horoscope of two people setting of a planet in the same sign or in different houses, and not to mention the aspects, ie. relations in which the planet is located in the horoscopes of people, of course, that the interpretation will not be the same, and therefore neither forecasts. But so two people can have the same place, position and even in the same relationship to other planets the same planet in your horoscope, and will again come to the same interpretation is not the events in the life of a person. Interpreting a horoscope or the position of a planet or forecasts, nonetheless, astolog monitors having a much broader picture of his client. First of all, the interpretation depends on a person’s sex, social status, family and marital status, the city’s growing up and so on. and then from the current situation where the customer is located and what is it with which it currently has a challenge. Astrological language is the language of symbols Astrologer interpreted in relation to the very person who comes. Throughout the interview the client and astrologer can only get to the dismissal of certain dilemmas and challenges through which passes the client if both parties enter your maximum energy to the consultations failed. That the client really wants to reach a solution and astrologer wants to help him. Astrology is not fortune telling, nor astrologers psychic. They must be primarily therapists who embrace the person who comes to life the same myself, as someone from whom they will also learn something, as someone with whom to exchange energy and experience. Astrologer grow into what you eat every day, every consultation as well as each client. Understanding of, humanity, closeness to man and his problems to the astrologers of krucijelne important that you can be successful in your job or not.

If two planets in the sky right tense aspect, it can be for a sign that the reserves and the other person does not have to mean anything. Changes positions of the planets in the sky, which are constantly moving and make certain aspects of one another, our collective unconscious, to which we as individuals can hook up and react to certain emotional or other actions and activities or not. When two distant planets, but we can say that these are Jupiter and Neptune, which were at the beginning was the word, in a bad way, it speaks of a deeper subconscious activation of some unconscious obrazaca.u us but also in the collective unconscious, because they are still one of the planet wear our subconscious and unconscious messages and thoughts, ie. turn to our inner being and seek from our unconscious works to change. What is interesting is that both planets in their signs, ie. the signs where they feel good. Jupiter is in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces or among themselves fractious. Both planets ruling the sign of Pisces, the last house in the zodiac and our subconscious being. Our dreams and messages that we can get in a dream, a dream. But not only them. Jupiter is the planet that represents our guides, therapists, gurus, sages, and even our inner guidance and wisdom in us. Jupiter and Neptune and cling to faith. At this time, when the sky these two planets make a bad relationship, it may be that faith and wisdom in us losing the truth, the true value, that because of Neptune that we blurs the eyes can not see the true value that we leave or we are left in the hands of some false gurus, values, therapists and because currently we do not see clearly where our ship sails out of desperation seek refuge in drugs, gambling, incomprehensible moves that can only be contraindicated on our psychological state. It is also possible to let the lies (you do not trust yourself, do not trust others, however unconsciously looking for someone who will take us to lie and who will dress in the picture of the person with false titles – a leader, a believer, but my god, known this one) to be hypnotized by false religiosity, immoral or bad people doctors, but get the wrong medication, diagnosis or treatment.

If you are wondering how to solve the tense aspect that you may have and the natal chart, you always imagine what it would be and what would happen if this aspect is good and what would you bring on as good. If you lose faith in others, trust yourself, believe deeply in your Intuc, in its self, in its existence, into higher states of consciousness. Remember your dreams, keep in mind that you each step that you have done so far in my life has led up to this sad moment. And now you can make steps in the other direction, to create a new reality, because reality is created anywhere else than in your dreams, in your unconscious or twelfth house. Believe me these days, the most in your dreams, because what is unreal is najrelanije what is unseen is the essence and the energy around us and the invisible threads that connect us are actually ends that pull us and govern us, just like in the theater, on the stage. In those days, go to the theater, watch movies, dreams, maštajte or go on a long journey to see a wonder of the world, because miracles exist everywhere in the world. Vera i wonder always go together, if you do not believe in miracles, you will not ever experience. Be connected, these days the most to your inner being, what it wants to follow, because God is nowhere else but in the place which is called a deep belief in the existence at this point, in ourselves.