SREĐIVANJE ASTRO SPACE: Edit STAN astrological sign and enter into the home of happiness and prosperity

Decorate the interior space can be a very confusing and frustrating, but astrology can help. The characteristics of each zodiac sign can be reflected in the way they regulate their home. If your household has more members, then edit the status after the one who is more dominant personality or any governing your favorite corner.


Aries is a fire sign, which means that its nature is pretty aggressive. They rush to the goal, fighters and fans were restless, so the members of this sign Crvena attract all shades of color. Rams will be the most pleasant for the device itself altar – a wall on which to include trophies, awards and memories which together seem to Aries feel comfortable and calm down. Avoid deep and pastel colors that do not go along with a strong personality Rams.


Stubborn, or charismatic. Bulls earth sign so they attract all the earth colors – from green to brown and beige. He needs to be home to a place for comfort and relaxation. Gravitates large pieces of furniture. Taurus likes to lay back on the huge leather sofa, and creates additional comfort details such as carpets, curtains and cushions.


Members of this sign are able to adapt and adjust to any situation. So when it comes to decorating. They generally prefer patterns and prints, as well as unusual color. It’s hard for them to stand still, but very often think about renovating the apartment and restore furniture. It is best that the urge to change your advantage to purchase some bold carpets or pillows that can be “rooted” space.


Niko does not change mood as much as crabs. They are delicate and emotional, and they need to be surrounded by peaceful, muted colors. Light gray, black and cream color in the home will affect their sentiment. They need a place for relaxation in which to find family photos, memories from the trip and scented candles.


The brave and passionate Lions prefer that their house is a jungle or castle. A lot of bold, bright colors and natural light. They like red, orange, yellow, gold and brown. They are proud, and is therefore important for the Lions to their home to be filled with items that show their heritage and history. The more windows in the apartment, Leo will be happier.


The biggest perfectionist of the zodiac. House each Device is clean, organized and calm, but as far as decorations go Device from one extreme to another. Or tend to muted colors (white, light gray, olive) that shatter floral arrangements and details in bright colors or have their homes painted in dark blue, full of bold patterns and pieces of furniture. Options for decoration are endless, but you’ll always be in the home of a Device find colorful cushions.


In their world there must be balance and harmony. Scales prices comfort, but only in combination with elegance. They love art and design, and strive to darker hues cobalt, red and green. They love the symmetry and “kill them” when the colors and patterns in the apartment did not fit.


Perhaps one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. Some Scorpio feel comfortable when surrounded by simple natural colors, white or black, with a lot of junk around, and some prefer burgundy color, orange, maroon, which fit with a few simple pieces of furniture. Scorpio love light, and is therefore their home filled with a variety of lamps.


When you enter the home of a Sagittarius think that you actually go out somewhere. An adventurer who loves nature and travel, He would surround the various shades of blue, yellow and orange colors, flowers, plants and mementos from the trip around the world. In the center of the living room is most likely a mini bar in the shape of a globe.


How much time they spend at work, the goat is vital to their home to be a source of stability and comfort. Organic copper-colored and brown, with gold and dark blue are simply created for Capricorn. Stubborn Goats prefer traditional furniture and are not big fans of fashion. When you find them bulky desks and huge bookcase, and a number of items that the Tropic of families used in the past.


Most unique sign of the zodiac push the boundaries of creativity. Astrologers believe that the House of Aquarius will be celebrating silver or fluorescent colors and modern furniture. All that is off center will be in their apartment. Aquarians prefer to make themselves much more, and you will see all kinds of innovations in their home.


Najvodeniji of all the watermarks must be surrounded by nature and that the corner which can be secluded in silence. Water calms him, and is therefore recommended that procurement Fish aquarium or zen fountain, and that their home is decorated in natural colors – purple, green and blue are perfect for them.