Star-fixed definition of the term and the types (astrology)

The impact of fixed stars is different from the influence of the planets because their impact was dramatic, sudden and violent. They have the power to raise a person to the highest height, from poverty to wealth, or vice versa, as a planet, and just can not.
The rule still exists, and that is that the stars never work alone unless they find themselves at the corners.
The method and quality of operation of a star depends on several things:

1. The size, which is the magnitude of the stars is lower, it has a greater power, and the stars of the first magnitude have the highest moć.Izuzetak make only clusters which act strongly, and at higher magnitude from 4.0

2. POSITION NEBESKA as a star nearing the ecliptic, it is its power veća.Takođe the northern hemisphere, the more power they have the stars of northern declination (vice versa for the Southern Hemisphere) .Često states that the stars high latitude does not affect us, but in practice has shown that this is not true.

3. NATURE OF THE PLANET THROUGH WHICH THEY WORK Stars give strength and energy to the planets and modify their impact, but at the same time, the nature of the planet expressed strictly controlled impact. The strongest impact is when the stars and planets of the same nature. In these cases, the influence of the planet rises to great heights, but at the same time the influence of the stars melefični stops.
For example. If the machine finds the star, its nature, its power is povećava.Ako be found on the star nature JU / VE, then it is reduced or modifikovan.Ako be found on the star nature of SA, it is changed. In other words, if the planet “falls” under the influence of the stars of the same nature, it means the intensity, and if the stars of the opposite nature, the effect is somewhat distorted, dull.

4. GENERAL NATURE HOROSKOPA result of the effect of stars on a planet very much depends on how the planets placed in the natal planets karti.Ako is strong and promising success, then the influence of the stars on which to found a significant and lasting effect.
In most cases, the stars are not contradictory planetary indikacijama.Čovek will not become a thief or a murderer because of the effect of a star, but it must be contained in the birth karti.Zvezde “work” for his position very similar to planete.Dakle, most are corners and most powerful act in conjunction or parallel.
Likewise, the opposition can have a powerful effect as a conjunction, but in some cases we should not neglect the square, while the trine or sextile very low or no effects at all.
Attention should be paid to the already mentioned, the actual position of the stars in the sky, and on this basis to assess the strength of its effects.
When you take into account the authorities and progression, the effect of a star on direktovanu point is the same as in the radical map, with the difference that the effect is transient.

Finally, there is one more thing that needs to be explained, and that the effect of the stars themselves, and the way we present it.
For example, a particular star may be natural MA.Ona will demonstrate those characteristics, similar to those of the planet in horoskopu.Međutim, there are also with the nature of the star 2 planete.U this case, the influence of the planets of the first (MA / JU eg.) is stronger than druge.Druga usually indicates some way, impact modified.
For example. Star Nature MA / JU will have the same effect as an MA or modified impact JU.Drugim words, the nature of the MA will be added expansiveness PI, more optimism and good luck. Conversely, when the star of nature JU / MA, then it was her influence as the influence of the planet JU, but would be added to the energy and fire, MA.

In any zodiacal sign of a number of fixed stars, important in astrology by its influence. Extracting only the basic features and levels where they are now rounded.