STARS KNOW ALL: Horoscope reveals HOW WILL HAVE CHILDREN whether and what will be parents

Some people know almost everything about the horoscope. On the basis of date of birth know that you have organized or chaotic, shy or social, compassionate or unfeeling. Horoscope can tell us a lot, but something about the way of life that we lead, and even how many children we have.

If you want to know what kind of parent you will be, and the number of children that you have designated the stars, just look for your character.


Born under the sign of Aries will be the proud parents of three children. Aries is the first sign in the horoscope, which means that it was pre pioneer in everything. While you are focused on a career that does not mean they do not love their children. In fact, you are transferring your ambitions on them and push them to achieve their dreams.

You kept busy housekeeping, or successfully balancing all the responsibilities. Sometimes you have a short fuse, so try to be patient with your little ones.


The patient bulls destined to have two children. You are reliable and caring, committed to provide the best life for their children. Most of the time you spend worrying about the children and with them you have a solid connection. Sometimes you’re a little stubborn, especially when it comes to change, so try not to be overprotective of children.


Gemini will be adaptable to the parents of four children. You are energetic and young at heart and children make you feel alive. Your family may not be traditional, but it is exactly what turns you on.

You are very spontaneous, but because your children know that they still know how to be a bit unpredictable. Your kids know that they can always invite friends and that it will be welcomed with open arms.


If you were born under the sign of Cancer, you will be loving parent of two children.

Vama parenting is natural and innate. You are emotional and sensitive, which is why you have strong relationships with their children.
Sometimes you know how to be too careful and demanding, especially with their children, so make sure that they still give enough freedom.


Lions will be creative parents of one child. You love to have fun and all your friends to know. Therefore, to be a little surprised when they find out that the baby was on the way, but if you know you’ll be a real role model for your child.

As a born leader, know how to be a little bit of command, but your child will get used to it. You’ll love it to your detom say various things and grate fun games. We will encourage your child to be open-minded and generous.


If you are a Virgo, you organized a parent of two children. You are very practical and organized, so you know exactly how many children you want to have.

You are equipped to work hard, and you will be very dedicated to the life of their children. This means that you know how much you care, but do not let your nerves to take the best of you.


Scales will be relaxed parents of three children. You are social and calm, which means that you will teach your children to stay calm and will work to keep peace in your household.

You are proud of their culture, so you and your children exposed to art, games, outdoors, sports and music – everything that can help them and learn about themselves and the world.
How you ever indecisive and impressionable, you will have to work hard to not download these traits on to their children.


Non-traditional Scorpio will have four children. You are passionate and emotional, which means that you invest everything you have in parenting.

Its strong and attractive personality, and you’ll make it to transfer their children. Sometimes you know how to be a little eccentric, but it just means that you will be completely open to everything that comes from your children.


Born under this sign will be open-minded parents of one child.

You are humorous and optimistic person and all you want is fun, fulfilling life of your children. You are free spirit and attachment is not for you – so you have one child is enough. You want to convey their enthusiasm to your child, but still hope that it will a little bit more responsible than you were as young.


Capricorns will be responsible parents of two children. You are disciplined and ambitious and parenting is for you the most important task. The children know that you set the rules, but it said to be the best they can.

Some would say you’re cold and pessimistic, but kids make the best of you.


If you’re Aquarius, are the greatest chance at all that you will be committed to a parent of a child. You are social and honest and keep their friendship. Do not you love that you are emotionally tied to a large number of people, but you are extremely close to those let into your life. Although you love to spend time with their loved ones, sometimes you need to recharge your own batteries. Also, the prices of their freedom and a child’s ideal number for you.


Fish will be saosećani parents of four or more children.

You are kind and caring, always sympathize with other people’s problems. Your warm foster the spirit is perfect for a large number of children. Sometimes you know how to be too attached to the house, but that’s okay, because nothing you love more than to spend time with his family. Just make sure you do not overwhelm children, because you know how to be too lenient.